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In this, we will learn about GCP Services.

1. Compute

  • App Engine – A PaaS for deploying Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, C#, .Net, Ruby and Go applications.
  • Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or GKE on-premises offered as part of Anthos platform – Uses Kubernetes to offer Containers as a Service in GCP
  • Compute Engine – IaaS to run Microsoft Windows and Linux VMs in GCP.
Professional Data Engineer Google Cloud gcp services

2. Storage & Databases

  • Cloud Storage – Object storage with edge caching, to store unstructured data in GCP.
  • Cloud Bigtable – A managed NoSQL database service in GCP.
  • Datastore in Cloud – NoSQL database suitable for web and mobile applications requirements.
  • Cloud SQL – Database as a Service based on MySQL and PostgreSQL by Google.
  • Cloud Spanner – A relational database service which is horizontally scalable and consistent

3. Networking

  • Cloud Load Balancing – Load balance traffic and is software-defined.
  • VPC – VPC or Virtual Private Cloud, a private network with network resources being managed by software.
  • Cloud Armor – Web application firewall protecting against DDoS and other attacks

4. Big Data

  • BigQuery – On demand data warehouse which is scalable and fully managed for analytics.
  • Cloud Composer – Workflow orchestration service using the Apache Airflow.
  • Dataproc – Executes Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark jobs.
  • Datalab in Cloud – Managed Jupyter Notebook service for data exploration, analysis, visualization and machine learning.
  • Dataflow – A stream and batch data processing service using Apache Beam
  • Cloud Pub/Sub – Scalable event ingestion service based on message queues.

Professional Data Engineer Google Cloud

  • AutoML – Train and deploy custom machine, learning models service.
  • Cloud Machine Learning Engine – Service to train and build ML models using mainstream frameworks.

5. Management Tools

  • Cloud Console – Web interface to manage GCP resources.
  • Deployment Manager in Cloud- Deploys GCP resources defined as per templates in YAML, Python or Jinja2.
  • Cloud Shell – Browser-based shell command-line access to manage GCP resources.

6. Identity & Security

  • IAM – Identity and Access Management service for policies using RBAC (role-based access control).
  • Cloud Identity – Single sign-on (SSO) service using SAML 2.0 and OpenID.
  • Cloud Key Management Service – Encryption key management service for use with IAM and audit logging.

7. IoT

  • Cloud IoT Core – Secure device connection and management service for IoT
  • Cloud IoT Edge – Providing AI to the edge computing layer.

8. API Platform

  • Apigee API Platform – API Lifecycle management service involving design, security, deployment, monitoring, and scaling APIs.
  • API Analytics –API based programs analysis service

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