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Exam PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect tutorial

Microsoft Power Platform solution architects are responsible for leading successful implementations and focusing on the process of solutions by addressing the broader business and technical needs of organizations.

Microsoft Solution Architect Knowledge Area

A solution architect has knowledge of:

  • Firstly, Power Platform
  • Secondly, Dynamics 365 customer engagement apps
  • Thirdly, Microsoft cloud solutions, and other third-party technologies

Further, a solution architect applies knowledge and experience in the engagement process. They performs proactive and preventative work for increasing the value of the customer’s investment and promoting organizational health. Lastly, this role needs the ability for identifying opportunities to solve business problems.

Required Experience of Solution Architect: Exam PL-600
  • Firstly, solution architects have experience across functional and technical disciplines of the Power Platform.
  • Secondly, they must be able to facilitate design decisions across:
    • development
    • configuration
    • integration
    • infrastructure
    • security
    • availability
    • storage, and change management

Microsoft Exam Learning Path

Microsoft provides exam learning paths that candidates can use for understanding the concepts in a step-by-step manner. For the PL-600 Exam, candidates will get an understanding and overview of the power platform concepts. Moreover, they will be able to go through various modules provided in the learning path. 

Microsoft PL-600 Exam Details

Exam Details

Exam PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect will have 40-60 questions that can be of type like a case study, short answers, multiple-choice, mark review, drag, and drop, etc.  And, to pass the exam it is necessary to score a minimum of 700 (on a scale of 1000). Further, the Microsoft PL-600 exam cost is $165 USD including the additional taxes. Lastly, candidates can take the exam in the English language.

Microsoft Exam Scheduling

Exam PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect measures the candidate’s knowledge to perform solution envisioning analyses and implementing the solution. However, for scheduling the PL-600 exam candidates can directly login into their Microsoft portal. Those who are new users can register and then sign in.

Wish to prepare for the PL-600 interview? Go and check out the PL-600 Interview Questions.

PL-600 Interview Questions

Microsoft PL-600 Course Outline

For Exam PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect, there are various topics provided in the study guide. Using this, candidates can explore the various concepts/topics and prepare better for the exam. However, the Microsoft PL-600 exam topics include:

– Perform solution envisioning and requirement analysis (35-40%)

Initiate solution planning

Identify organization information and metrics

Identify existing solutions and systems

Capture requirements

Perform fit/gap analyses

– Architect a solution (40-45%)

Lead the design process

Design the data model

Design integrations

Design the security model

– Implement the solution (15-20%)

Validate the solution design

Support go-live

For More: Check Exam PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect FAQs
Exam PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect faqs

Microsoft Exam Policies

Microsoft exam policies provide exam-related details, processes, and procedures. Further, there are certain rules that are required to be followed during exam time. Some of them include:

Exam retaking policy

In this, for the first time, the candidate’s failing the exam must wait 24 hours before retaking the exam. They use the certification dashboard for rescheduling the exam in the Microsoft exam portal. However, for the second time, they may have to wait for at least 14 days before retaking the exam. Likewise, for more attempts, this 14-day waiting period is also imposed. Lastly, candidates can only give any exam five times a year.

Exam rescheduling and the cancellation policy

  • Firstly, Microsoft temporarily waives its reschedule and cancellation fee if candidates cancel their exams within 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.
  • Secondly, for rescheduling or canceling an appointment, no charge will be applied at least 6 business days prior to your appointment. 
  • Thirdly, if a candidate cancels or reschedules an exam within 5 business days of your registered exam time then, a fee will be applied. 
  • Lastly, if a candidate failed to show up for an exam appointment at least 24 hours then they can forfeit your entire exam fee.

Microsoft PL-600 Exam Study Guide

Exam PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect study guide

Microsoft Exam objectives

Exam PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect preparation, candidates should get proficiency and familiarity with the exam objectives. They can use the Microsoft Pl-600 study guide for exploring topics and have a better understanding. The topics include:

  • Firstly, performing solution envisioning and requirement analyses
  • Secondly, architecting a solution
  • Lastly, implementing the solution

Microsoft Learning Platform

Microsoft provides learning platforms covering various resources and details necessary for exam preparation. For the PL-600 exam preparation, candidates can go through the Microsoft official website and check for all the essential details, study guides, and exam patterns.

Microsoft Docs

Microsoft documentation is the main knowledge source for the PL-600 exam that provides detailed information about the exam topics and concepts. Moreover, using Microsoft Documentation, candidates can get references for all the topics and learn about the essential areas of the exam. Further, this will help in gaining a lot of knowledge about the Power platform areas and solution concepts used according to the exam.

Online Study Groups

Online study groups can provide benefits to candidates during Microsoft PL-600 exam preparation. That is to say, the study groups will help you to stay connected with the experts and professionals in this field. Moreover, candidates can start a discussion or ask for any query related to the exam and take the Microsoft PL-600 exam study notes.

Taking Practice Tests

Practice tests are important for Microsoft PL-600 exam preparation. Using the Microsoft PL-600 practice exam tests will help in knowing about the weak and strong areas. Moreover, this will help to improve answering skills that as a result will save a lot of time during the exam. Further, to start taking Microsoft PL-600 practice tests, the best way is after completing a full topic. This will also make your revision strong. So, make sure to find the best practice exam tests.

Exam PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect practice tests
Start preparing for Exam PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect.