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Azure AZ-204 exam update

This Microsoft Azure AZ-204 certification exam has been built to measure your ability to accomplish the defined technical tasks: These tasks include developing Azure compute solutions; developing for Azure storage; implementing Azure security. As well as include monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing Azure solutions; and thereby connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services. Also, for candidates planning to take this exam should have subject matter expertise in designing, building, testing, and maintaining cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure.

The core responsibilities for an Azure Developer include participating in all phases of cloud development from defining the requirements and designing. Together with development, deployment, maintenance. performance tuning, and monitoring. Also, Azure Developers partner with cloud solution architects, cloud DBAs, cloud administrators, and clients for implementing the solutions.

Why choose Microsoft Azure AZ-204 exam ?

Since you have decided to go for Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Exam (AZ-204) exam it is very important to understand its importance and the benefits that comes along.

  • The Microsoft Azure AZ-204 exam regulates the ability of a candidate to accomplish the technical tasks such as; Develop for Azure storage; implementing Azure security; Develop Azure compute solutions; monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing Azure solutions; and connecting to and consume Azure assistance and third-party services.
  • Also, Once a candidate successfully passes the Microsoft Azure (Beta) AZ-204. they will receive the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification.
  • Moreover, The Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate is a component of a job-role based reorganizing of the Microsoft certifications that started back in late 2018.
  • This particular certification is prepared for candidates who are Azure Developers in their regular job in building and designing cloud-based software solutions using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Who should take the AZ-204 exam?

As prescribed, candidates for this exam should have at least 1-2 years of professional development experience together with experience with Microsoft Azure. In addition, you should be able to perform programming in a language supported by Azure and proficiency in Azure SDKs, Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, data storage options, data connections, APIs, app authentication and authorization, compute and container deployment, debugging, performance tuning, and monitoring.

It is also suggested for candidates taking this exam to have subject matter expertise in designing, building, testing, and maintaining cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure. Responsibilities for an Azure Developer. Further, it includes participating in all phases of cloud development from requirements definition and design, to development, deployment, and maintenance. performance tuning, and monitoring.

Requirements for the Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Exam

In general, there are no special requirements for the AZ-204 exam. But, applicants are suggested to match the recommended knowledge and experience requirements to have better probabilities of qualifying for the exam. The AZ-204 exam prerequisites include –

  • Applicants should have a minimum of 1-2 years of experience in the advancement of cloud solutions and Microsoft Azure.
  • Candidates should have encouraging fluency in programming in a high-level programming language which is supported by Azure.

Learning Objectives

Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Learning Objective
Exam Details 

Now let’s take a look at the basic details of the Microsoft Azure (Beta) AZ-204 exam. The  Microsoft Azure AZ-204 exam gives 150 minutes to a candidate to complete the exam, make sure that you complete and recheck the exam within the given time period. And, the format of the exam is Multi-Response and Multiple Choice Questions. 

Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Exam Details

The Microsoft AZ-204 questions are in number 40-60, this can may vary depending on the nature of the exam. Also, the AZ-204 certification exam cost is $165 USD* Further, The Microsoft Azure (Beta) AZ-204 exam is available in the English language. Moreover, the Microsoft Azure (Beta) AZ-204 exam has no retirement date. 

AZ-204 Course Outline

Preparing for the exams always bring anxiety and nervousness. You don’t really know how to go about it at first but with appropriate learning resources and preparation guide it becomes a easy sail. It is extremely important for you to have an in-depth understanding of the subject and course outline so that you do not miss on important details. So lets begin by understanding the topics covered and respective documentation to support your learning.

The updated Microsoft AZ-204 course outline includes:

1. Develop Azure compute solutions (25-30%)

1.1 Implement containerized solutions

1.2 Implement Azure App Service Web Apps

1.3 Implement Azure functions

2. Develop for Azure storage (15-20%)

2.1 Develop solutions that use Azure Cosmos DB storage

2.2 Develop solutions that use blob storage

3. Implement Azure security (20-25%)

3.1 Implement user authentication and authorization

3.2 Implement secure Azure solutions

4. Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions (15-20%)

4.1 Implement caching for solutions

  • Configure cache and expiration policies for Azure Cache for Redis configure Azure Cache for Redis)
  • Implement secure and optimized application cache patterns including data sizing, connections, encryption, and expiration Caching guidance)
  • Implement Azure Content Delivery Network endpoints and profiles

4.2 Troubleshoot solutions by using Application Insights

5. Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services (15-20%)

5.1 Implement API Management

5.3 Develop event-based solutions

5.4 Develop message-based solutions

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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-204 Preparation Guide

Let us discuss some necessary steps in order to prepare for the Microsoft Azure (Beta) AZ-204 exam.  Therefore, the first action for every candidate should be to hit the official certification page. The certification page gives the candidate details about the availability and scoring system of the beta exam. The following are some steps that the candidate should follow. 

Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Study Guide
Revise the Exam Objectives 

A denser look at each and every domain of the Microsoft Azure AZ-204 exam can give a further indication regarding the aspirations of the exam. Here is an outline of the domains of the AZ-204 exam. Candidates should learn the objectives, if they know what exam wants to test then it will be easy to prepare for them. 

  • First of all, Develop Azure compute solutions (25-30%)
  • Secondly, Develop for Azure storage (10-15%)
  • Subsequently, Implement Azure security (15-20%)
  • In addition, Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimizing the Azure solutions (10-15%)
  • Lastly, Connect to and Utilise Azure services and third-party services (25-30%)
Refer the Blueprint

The next step for the effective preparation of candidates is to go for the study guide. The study guide or the exam guide is available for download on the official certification page. Candidates should download the blueprint of the exam and find the objectives and relevant information for the exam. The blueprint is a reliable tool to study only for the necessary content for the exam and for better AZ-204 exam review.

Effective Study Material 

Finding effective Microsoft AZ-204 exam study material is a challenging task. Here, we are providing a list of the books for the Microsoft Azure (Beta) AZ-204 exam which the candidate can refer to. 

  • Exam Ref AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure 1st Edition by Santiago Fernández Muñoz
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud – Complete Practical Guide for Ultimate Beginners: Step By Step Azure Cloud Lab Manual by ProTechGurus
  • Learn Microsoft Azure: Build, manage, and scale cloud applications using the Azure ecosystem by Mohamed Wali
AZ-204 Practice Exam
Training Program by Microsoft 

Candidates should opt for suitable training courses by reliable certification training providers. The principal benefit of such online AZ-204 training courses is apparent in the ability of expert direction by subject matter experts. Furthermore, the knowledge of all exam topics in appealing tutorial videos with practical demonstrations gives easier and effective learning opportunities.  The candidates also opt for hands-on labs as often as they can to complete their lessons in real situations.  Hands-on labs allow improvement in the abilities to approach technical tasks in certification exams. The candidate can register for the Azure free tier and make them try the hands-on practice. 

AZ-204 Practice Test

Practise tests should constantly be at the greatest priority of the candidate before appearing for a certification exam. The Microsoft AZ-204 practice tests can be the validated method for confirming the level of preparation for the exam with expert-curated Microsoft Azure AZ-204 exam questions. This helps the candidate to gain the benefit of improving their skills in time management and quick thinking. 

Subsequently, the candidate can improve their chances of qualifying the exam easily. The candidate can find many free AZ-204 practice tests online.  

AZ-204 Free Practice Test

Start preparing for Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Developing solution for Microsoft Azure Now!