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  • Records, called “entities” in Datastore, are retrieved by using a key.
  • The key is a complex data structure that can be used to model relationships.
  • The simplest key has a string kind value and either a numeric id value or a string name value.
  • Multiple records can be found that match criteria
  • Records can also be ordered.
Concept Datastore Firestore Relational database
Category of object Kind Collection group Table
One object Entity Document Row
Individual data for an object Property Field Column
Unique ID for an object Key Document ID Primary key
  • Datastore entities of the same kind can have different properties
  • Entity – single object (like row or document)
  • Kind – category of object (Like table name)
  • Property – individual data for an object(like column)
  • Key – unique ID for each entity
  • Different entities can have properties with the same name but different value types.
  • All queries are served by previously built indexes,
  • Datastore is schemaless.
  • Has limited support for queries and transactions
  • Does not support join, inequality filtering on multiple properties or aggregation operations
  • Datastore is apt for
  • applications that rely on highly available structured data at scale.
  • Product catalogs for real-time inventory and product details for a retailer.
  • User profiles giving a customized experience based on the user’s past activities and preferences.
  • Transactions based on ACID properties, for example, transferring funds from one bank account to another.