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Clearing Settlement and Risk Management Module (Foundation) Online Tutorials

The Clearing Settlement and Risk Management Module (Foundation) is a foundation level program for those who wish to learn operational guidelines/ procedures of clearing, settlement, collateral management, and risk management in NSE clearing limited formerly known as National Securities Clearing Corporation Limited. Clearing, Settlement and risk management are vital functions of a clearing corporation.

Benefits of NSE’s Certification

NSE introduces risk and methods of the financial market. It also checks the practical knowledge of the candidate. NSE includes intelligible modules that cover different areas of finance and commerce. NSE certificates are mandatory for a career in finance for graduates in commerce.

  • Steady start for a career- NSE certifications will be the right choice if you are looking for a career that provides both knowledge and money. You will gain practical knowledge while studying for the certifications of the exam, and accordingly, you also understand related concepts that will help better your management skills.
  • Earnings with Growth- Job security and steady income is all you need. NSE certifications give you exclusive eligibility to trade in mutual funds. Certifications give you clearer knowledge of the risk involved and hence adds earnings.
  • Hiring Opportunities – There is always a cut-throat competition in commerce, banking, and finances. All firms are interested in the candidates who bring the best to the table, and also value people with additional certificates. NSE certificates increase your hiring opportunities.
  • Specialization in the Niche- NSE certifies by reputed Organisations like SEBI and BSE. For securities market organizations are a crucial part. NSE has designed courses so that an individual can have a specialization that aids the finance industry and his career. Certifications add an extra edge to your abilities and skills after graduating.
Benefits of NCFM Exam

Clearing settlement and risk management exam gives you knowledge about the functioning of the system and how it works. Through this course, a person is skilled in regards to The system. For example,

  1. Background
  2. Robust regulatory framework
  3. What is novation?
  4. How Does CCP’s management settlement risk?
  5. Key benefits of Market participants.

These are essential knowledge that is related to the course. And job availability has increased in this niche most importantly.

Target Audience

Any person who wants to learn the procedure of clearing, settlement, collateral management, and Risk Management. This foundation level exam is for students, teachers, employees of clearing members, and anybody having an interest in the Indian securities market.

Recommendation knowledge/ Prerequisite

There are no prerequisites for the Clearing-Settlement and Risk Management Module (Foundation) exam. But the candidate should have sufficient knowledge about Indian Securities Market.

Exam Details

Before you begin your preparations, you should familiarise yourself with the exam specifics. The Clearing-Settlement And Risk Management Module Exam Questions are in Multiple Choice Format. You have 60 minutes to complete the exam’s 75 questions. In addition, the passing score is 60%. Most significantly, since there is a negative marking of 0.25 for each wrong answer

Exam Name Clearing Settlement and Risk Management ModuleExam Code CSRM
Exam Duration 60 minsExam Format Multiple Choice 
Exam Type AdvancedNumber of Questions 75 Questions
Negative Marking 0.25 for each wrong answerCertifying Body NISM
Exam Language EnglishPass Score 60%
For More Details See – Clearing Settlement & Risk Management FAQ
Clearing Settlement and Risk Management Module (Foundation)  FAQ

Course Outline

The Clearing Settlement And Risk Management Module Course covers the following domains.

Section 1. Introduction
  • 1.1 About NSCCL
  • 1.2 Segments
  • 1.3 Clearing Members
  • 1.4 Custodial Participants
  • 1.5 Clearing Accounts
  • 1.6 Systems and Interfaces
Section 2. Liquid Asset
  • 2.1 Acceptable Forms
  • 2.2 Minimum Deposit Requirement
  • 2.3 Procedure for Submission of Collaterals
  • 2.4 Procedure for Release of Collaterals
  • 2.5 Procedure for Transfer of Collaterals
  • 2.6 Deposited Collateral Information
Section 3. Capital Market
  • 3.1 OverView
  • 3.2 Clearing
  • 3.3 Settlement
  • 3.4 Margins
  • 3.5 Action for Shortages and Penalties
Section 4. Securities Lending and Borrowing Scheme
  • 4.1 OverView
  • 4.2 Clearing
  • 4.3 Settlement
  • 4.4 Adjustments for Corporate Actions
  • 4.5 Margins
  • 4.6 Position Limits
  • 4.7 Dealings with Clients
Section 5. New Debt Segment
  • 5.1 Overview
  • 5.2 Clearing
  • 5.3 Settlement
  • 5.4 Margins
  • 5.5 Action for Shortages and Penalties
Section 6. Equity Derivatives Segment
  • 6.1 Overview
  • 6.2 Clearing
  • 6.3 Settlement
  • 6.4 Margins
  • 6.5 Position Limits
  • 6.6 Action for Shortages and Penalties
Section 7. Currency Derivatives Segment
  • 7.1 Overview
  • 7.2 Clearing
  • 7.3 Settlement
  • 7.4 Margins
  • 7.5 Position Limits
  • 7.6 Action for Shortages and Penalties
Section 8. Services
  • 8.1 Connect2nse Margins
  • 8.2 Information via SMS
  • 8.3 Margins and Collateral Information on Member Portal

Preparation Guide for the Clearing Settlement Management Module (Foundation) Exam

Let’s move onto the most important aspect of the preparation for the Clearing Settlement and Risk Management Module (Foundation) exam. Proper planning and execution are necessary for any exam. Hard work is necessary but we should know where to invest the right effort. This Clearing Settlement And Risk Management Module Study Guide will help you with the understanding of preparation. Below we have listed some of the preparation resources which will help you gain a better understanding of the exam objectives and hence help you gain the necessary skills in order to attain the desired certification.

Clearing Settlement and Risk Management Module (Foundation)  Preparation Guide
Learning Resource 1 – NSE Academy

The NSE Academy provides you with the course module, with every detail required. There are different information for a better understanding of the concepts in the exam. Different. Columns are available that give you information regarding the Clearing Settlement And Risk Management Module Training like, Overview, Course Outline, Course offering, eligibility, and benefits. NSE has introduced first-time investors to the Indian markets and attracts them to exchange our outreach, advertising, and expansion initiatives to transform India’s strong culture of saving into an “equity culture”. NSE promotes financial literacy as a necessary life skill.

Learning Resource 2 – Online NSE Community

The online forum gives the candidate an opportunity to explore the different formats of the Risk Management Module (Foundation) exam and prepare better. Online series of sample questions are available and different formats are followed for the exam. The different formats on the website help to prepare better. Having the right skills for the exam is critical and essential.

Practice Tests

Clearing Settlement And Risk Management Module Practice Test are the best source to analyze mistakes and to understand which of the area’s we need to put more focus on. There is a sample paper link attached to the course outline available on the official website. Candidates must take practice tests in order to familiarise themselves with the pattern of the question paper. You can get evaluated instantly on the submission of the test, which boosts your confidence and helps you gain command of the requirements of the exam. Try a free Clearing Settlement And Risk Management Module Practice Exam now!

Clearing Settlement and Risk Management Module (Foundation) Practice Tests
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