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  • Cloud Bigtable is a sparsely populated table
  • Can scale to billions of rows and thousands of columns,
  • Can store terabytes or even petabytes of data.
  • A single value in each row is indexed called the row key.
  • Good to store very large amounts of single-keyed data with very low latency.
  • Supports high read and write throughput at low latency
  • Ideal data source for MapReduce
  • Supports client libraries, like¬† Apache HBase library for Java.
  • Has Incredible scalability
  • similar to hbase, cassandra, dynamodb.
  • indexed by row key, column key, and timestamp
  • Data can be streamed into bigtable
  • No joins, transactions supported only within a single row
  • Append only operation, no transactional.
  • Cluster resizing without downtime
  • Use cases
    • non-structured key/value data, but each value is no larger than 10 MB.
    • storage engine for batch MapReduce
    • stream processing/analytics
    • machine-learning applications
  • Store and query following data
    • Time-series data
    • Marketing data like purchase histories
    • Financial data, like transaction histories
    • Internet of Things data, like usage reports
    • Graph data