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Looking for a quick recap for the Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification exam? Then, get ready as we offer you the Ultimate Cheat Sheet. This cheat sheet will provide you access to the right tools and resources to ace the exam. Moreover, this cheat sheet will enrich your revisions and help you bridge the gap towards your dream job. However, before we dive deep into this cheat sheet lets have a quick glance at the exam details.

Qlik Sense Data Architect: Overview

Qlik Sense stands as a comprehensive data analytics platform, establishing a new standard for the next era of analytics. Additionally, Qlik Sense Qualifications comprise entry-level assessments crafted to showcase both foundational and practical expertise. The Qlik Sense Data Architect Exam evaluates your aptitude in recognizing data model requirements, crafting and constructing data models, and verifying data accuracy.

Job Role of Data Architect 

Several job opportunities for Qlik Sense Data Architects await you, providing avenues for career advancement. Those in these positions oversee the duties typically handled by business analysts, crafting QlikView scripts for data import, developing efficient data models, and seamlessly incorporating them into applications through QlikView APIs.APIs.

Skills Required 

With the Qlik Sense Data Architect Qualification you get equipped with the following skills:

  • Hands-on expertise in building several high-quality applications in Qlik Sense
  • Proficiency in crafting Qlik Sense LOAD scripts and ensuring data accuracy
  • Foundational knowledge of Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes
  • Capability to establish connections with diverse data sources using connectors
  • Comprehension of the QVD layer and the architecture of the Qlik platform
  • Aptitude for designing data structures to optimize performance
  • Familiarity with SQL and relational databases

Target Audience 

  • Beginner QlikSense developers interested in mastering scripting to build a data model
  • QlikView developers who are interested in mastering scripting in QlikSense

Cheat Sheet for Qlik Sense Data Architect Exam

When getting ready for a certification or exam, it’s crucial for candidates to have a clear starting point. This cheat sheet serves as a roadmap, providing guidance throughout your revision process. Furthermore, it functions as a valuable repository of information, encompassing all the essential exam resources.

Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification Cheat Sheet

Revise the Exam Objectives

Firstly, you must begin by visiting the Official Website of the exam. It will help you stay current with the latest updates of the exam. Further, you must review the exam topics and objectives. Make sure you have in depth understanding of the exam concepts. Furthermore, you must talor your study plan around the exam domains. The topics covered in this exam are:

Identify Requirements for Data Models (16%)

  • Identify the data load and refresh requirements (e.g., tiered architecture, multiple data sources, varying refresh times) (Qlik Reference: refresh data)
  • Given a scenario, identify Qlik Sense features to meet customer needs (e.g., associative data model, master items, ODAG, GeoAnalytics)
  • Outline steps to implement security requirements (Qlik Documentation: Security)

Design Data Models (28%)

  • Determine an appropriate data model design to meet customer needs (Qlik Documentation: Introduction to data modeling)
  • Decide on an appropriate data model that prioritizes reuse, scalability, and efficiency (e.g., tiered architecture, data governance) (Qlik Documentation:  data modeling)
  • Determine how to manage complex scenarios (e.g., calendar, set analysis, flags, functions) (Qlik Reference: Complex scenarios)

Build Data Models (34%)

Validate Data (22%)

  • Validate data models against source information using Qlik Sense visualizations (Qlik Documentation: Reviewing the data model)
  • Resolve data modeling issues (e.g., synthetic keys, circular references, scripting errors, debugging)  (Qlik Reference: Basic Data Modeling Issue)
  • Resolve data issues (e.g., null values, data formatting) (Qlik Reference: Issues in QlikSense)

Quick Links to Learning Resources

Passing exam can be easy if you have access to the right set of resources. Make sure the content the is precise and reliable enough. Your choice of resources plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of your exam preparation and eventual success. Let’s highlight some of the strongly recommended resources to enhance your revision:

Instructor Led Training

Training is the most essential ingredient of your revisions. Training courses offer practical experience for the exam. Qlik offers the Deploy and Administer Qlik Sense course to help you prepare better for the exam. In this course, you’ll gain access to the knowledge, tools, techniques, and skills required to deploy, set up, configure, and sustain Qlik Sense Enterprise on a Windows platform.

Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification Study Guide

While visiting the official website, the candidate should download the Study Guide. The study guide provides all the reliable and most relevant information on a particular exam. It also includes the objectives and the basic details about the exam.

Qlik Resouce Library 

Qlik offers its own Resource Library in which they offer detailed sources such as analytic reports, Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification Books, whitepapers, evaluation guide, datasheet, videos, webinars, etc. This step is very important for passing the Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification exam. 

Qlik Blogs and Webinars 

The candidate can also find the Qlik’s Blogs and Webinars helpful. Qlik provides blogs on various topics on its official website. Also, it offers webinars through which the candidate can get very much to learn. The candidate can find blogs related to Data Analytics on the official page too. 

Qlik Insight center 

Qlik Insight center also provides various documentations for its students so that they can excel in their particular field and become professional. While preparing for the Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification, you can visit the insight center and take a little help for yourself. 

Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials enhance your knowledge and provide in depth understanding about the exam concepts. They will help you stay consistent and determined.

Qlik Sense Data Architect  onlone tutorials

Practice Tests to self evaluate

Engaging in practice tests holds substantial importance in getting familiarizing yourself with the exam format. They work as a check on your preparations and offer a valuable means to pinpoint knowledge gaps that require attention. Taking multiple practice tests is particularly beneficial for thorough preparation. In the context of exams, Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification Practice Questions play a crucial role in minimizing errors. Additionally, it’s vital to train the brain, and practice papers provide a simulation that helps the brain acclimate to the actual exam conditions. So start practising Now to enhance your skills!

Qlik Sense Data Architect  free practice tests
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