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Professional certifications make you job-ready and provide a competitive edge. Preparing for a certification exam is just like planning to accomplish any significant goal. Do you have the aspiration to earn the Microsoft MS-600 certification? Then you are in the right place. We offer you our Microsoft MS-600 Building Applications and Solutions with MS-365 Core Services Cheat Sheet. This quick guide gives you a brief overview of the exam and its resources. It’s simple to comprehend and includes convenient links that are useful for your last-minute reviews. But before we dive into your cheat sheet and prepare you for the exam, let’s take a quick look at the exam details.

Microsoft MS-600: Exam Overview

The MS-600: Building Applications and Solutions with MS-365 Core Services certification exam is substantial to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate certification. The test evaluates a candidate’s ability to perform technical tasks such as managing Microsoft identity, creating applications with Microsoft Graph, customizing SharePoint, extending Teams, and working with MS Office.

Target Audience

Candidates are taking the Microsoft MS-600 exam are primarily Microsoft 365 Developers who are well competent in designing, building, testing and sustaining solutions and applications which are intended to be optimized for the productivity and collaboration requirements of organizations through the effective use of Windows 365 platform.

Recommended Knowledge: Microsoft MS-600 Exam

The candidates seeking to attain the MS-600 Building Applications and Solutions with MS-365 Core Services should be well familiar with Microsoft identity and Microsoft Graph. They must have basic knowledge of the UI elements which include Adaptive Cards and UI Fabric, integration points comprising SharePoint framework, Actionable Messages, Office Add-ins, Microsoft Teams, and determination of workload platform targets.  The learners must also have experience in developing solutions on Microsoft Teams, Office Add-ins, or SharePoint Framework through all the phases of software development. Candidates must also possess a fundamental understanding of REST APIs, JSON, OAuth2, OData, OpenID Connect, Microsoft identities, Azure AD B2C, and permission/consent concepts.

Cheat Sheet for Microsoft Exam MS-600

A Cheat Sheet is your ideal instrument for your revisions. It will keep you loaded with the right resources and bridge the gap providing relevant Microsoft MS-600 study guide and resources for preparing better. Furthermore, we will be adding a few quick links to ease your preparation process.

Microsoft MS-600 cheat sheet

Review the Exam Objectives

To begin, it’s important to focus on the exam goals. Get to know the course outline and understand the exam concepts clearly. This will aid in devising an effective strategy to succeed in the test and obtain the desired certification, leading to lucrative career opportunities. Before starting your review, make sure to go through these areas of study.

Design collaborative app solutions and existing app integration (5-10%)

Assess Microsoft Teams and existing app integration opportunities

  • Assess current Teams adoption level using M365 Maturity Model
  • Identify opportunities for no-code or low-code development (Microsoft Power Platform, Azure Logic Apps, Dataverse for Teams)
  • Assess Teams integration opportunities with existing applications

Design development and production environments

  • Design test, acceptance, production, and deployment strategy to meet solution requirements
  • Design development environment by using Microsoft 365 developer tenant
  • Recommend Azure services for Teams app use cases (serverless compute workflows)
  • Specify app requirements for CI/CD integration
  • Develop an appropriate tooling strategy for a Teams solution, including the Teams Toolkit vs Yeoman Teams Generator
  • Select an appropriate development framework and runtime platform for a Teams solution (including Teams Toolkit for React or Teams Toolkit Blazor)
  • Select an appropriate runtime platform for a Teams solution (including Node.js, .NET, and/or SPFx)

Design solution based on technical and business requirements

  • Design authentication scenarios, including for guest users and multitenant authentication
  • Design UI by using Microsoft Teams UI Library, Fluent UI React Northstar, Adaptive Cards, and Microsoft Teams UI Kit for Figma

Implement Microsoft Identity (15-20%)

Registering an Application

Implementing Authentication

Configuring Permissions to Consume an API API

Implement authorization to expose or consume an API

Implement Authorization in an API

Creating a Service to Access Microsoft Graph

Build Apps with Microsoft Graph (10-15%)

Accessing user data from Microsoft Graph

  • Determine whether to retrieve data using a Microsoft Graph SDK or the Graph REST API
  • get the signed-in users profile (Microsoft Documentation: Get a user)
  • get a list of users in the organization (Microsoft Documentation: List users)
  • Get the user object based on the user’s unique identifier
  • Access user data from Microsoft Graph
  • Create, read, update, and delete data
  • Traverse Microsoft Graph to retrieve data
  • Upload files larger than 10 mb to Teams
  • Implement Microsoft Graph Toolkit

Customize responses by using query parameters

  • Use query parameters, including $filter, $select, $orderby, $count, $skip, and $stop
  • Expand and retrieve resources using $expand query parameter
  • Search for resources using $search query parameter
  • Access paged date using $odata.nextLink, $skip, and $skiptoken parameters
  • Test queries and responses by using Microsoft Graph Explorer

Optimize usage of Microsoft Graph resources

Manage a team lifecycle by using Microsoft Graph

  • get the information on a group by id (Microsoft Documentation: Get group)
  • Get the list of members in a team
  • Get the list of owners of a team
  • get the list of Groups where the signed in user is a member (Microsoft Documentation: List memberOf)
  • Provision a team using an existing Teams template
  • Delete or archive a team
  • Update an existing team
  • Enable resource-specific consent

Extend and customize Microsoft 365 with SharePoint Framework (15-20%)

Describe the components of a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) solution

Understanding the process to package and deploy an SPFx solution

Understanding the consumption of Microsoft Graph

Describe the consumption of third-party APIs secured with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra from within SPFx

Understanding Web Parts as Teams Tabs

Extend Microsoft Teams (30-35%)

Create a Microsoft Teams app manifest

Create and use task modules

Create a webhook

Implement custom Teams tabs

Create a messaging extension

Create conversational, call, and online media bots

Create a meeting extension

  • Describe the capabilities of Microsoft Teams meeting apps
  • Enable and configure apps for Teams meetings
  • Create or integrate apps within the meeting lifecycle
  • Implement shared meeting stage

Test, deploy, monitor, and maintain modern enterprise-grade app solutions (5-10%)

Test apps and solutions

  • Design test plans, including Bots, Connectors, Messaging extensions, Meeting extensions, SSO, and Adaptive cards
  • Specify required sample data for testing
  • Deploy sample data by using M365 CLI or PowerShell scripts
  • Execute test plans, including Bots, Connectors, Messaging extensions, Meeting extensions, SSO, and Adaptive cards

Deploy apps and solutions

  • Create or modify app definitions in the Developer Portal for Teams
  • Manage Teams apps packages by using the Developer Portal for Teams
  • Upload a custom app to a single user or team
  • Upload an app to the App Catalog
  • Upload an app to the Developer Portal for Teams
  • Automate deployment of Teams apps

Monitor and maintain published apps

  • Recommend audit settings using Microsoft 365 Audit logging
  • Review and evaluate performance using App Insights
  • Monitor Microsoft Graph API permissions by using the Microsoft 365 compliance center
  • Assess new SDK versions for impact to published apps
  • Analyze logs, usage data, and audit data

Know your Study Resources

Study materials are designed to enhance your learning process and prepare you for the exam. Here are some study resources that will serve as a Microsoft MS-600 exam guide and that you should incorporate into your review journey:

Microsoft Learning Path

Learning paths are the official resources mainly the online classes which are made available by Microsoft for the candidates of Exam MS-600. These are made available absolutely free of cost and can help in preparing by developing crystal clear concepts for the exam topics. You can access them on the official site or through the links mentioned below –

Instructor led training

The instructor led trainings can be the right choice for you if you are inquisitive person and encounter so many doubts. Microsoft offers Course MS-600T00-A: Building applications and solutions with Microsoft 365 core services to help you prepare better for the exam. This is a 5-day instructor-led training of an intermediate level, covering five core elements of Microsoft 365 platform- implementation of Microsoft identity, working with Microsoft Graph, customizing and extending SharePoint, extending Teams and Office. This training is primarily for the ones who are interested in Microsoft 365 Developer Associate certification exam. This course helps students learn the implementation of Microsoft identity and work with Microsoft Graph. The learners also gain skills regarding UI elements, Integration points, and determination of workload platform targets. You will learn the way to access user data, exploring query parameters, accessing files, and optimizing network traffic using Microsoft Graph.

Online Tutorials

The best way to enhance your knowledge is by referring to Online Microsoft MS600 Tutorials. These Tutorials provide an in-depth understanding of the exam and its concepts. Therefore learning with Online Tutorials will result in strengthening your preparation.

Microsoft MS-600 online tutorial

Evaluate yourself with Practice Test

No matter how you get ready for the MS-600 Exam, a couple of trial runs can be more beneficial than you think. Engaging in the Microsoft MS-600 practice exam test is a fantastic method to broaden your study approach and guarantee optimal outcomes for the actual test. Evaluating your responses will assist you in recognizing the areas that require extra focus and also provide insight into your alignment with the exam objectives. Therefore, start using the Microsoft MS-600 practice test Now!

Microsoft MS-600 free practice tests
Elevate your career by clearing the Microsoft MS-600 Building Applications and Solutions with MS-365 Core Services exam. Start Your Preparations Now!