How to Crack Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam?

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Six Sigma Black Belt

Six Sigma black belt is the tough and laborious exam, when compared to the previous levels. All it takes is the dedication, experience, disciplined study and time management, etc. there are applicants who study for months and still fail the exam, still they practice one. Though this exam is tough, but the difficulty level depends on your quality of preparation. Six Sigma black belt Certification provides with a good understanding of the DMAIC concepts i.e. of the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control, enabling the professionals to work efficiently on the complex projects.

This makes learner understand and identify the improvement opportunities. What makes this one of the most significant certification training is that it’s an amalgam of technical and social skills.

Pre-requisites for Six Sigma Black Belt

For Six Sigma Black Belt Certification you need not to be Certified Six Sigma Green Belt. While, three years of experience in one or more areas of Six Sigma Body of Knowledge and one completed project with signed affidavit, or two completed projects with signed affidavits are required.

The work experience of the applicant must be a full time on-the-job, along with the other qualities like: the ability to understand the requirements of the customers and their expectations, innovative thinking, management, leadership skills, and effective communication, etc.

Note – Paid internship, Co-op or any other coursework isn’t applicable towards the required work experience.

Exam Pattern Six Sigma Black Belt

  • Number of Questions: 150 Questions
  • Format: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Duration: 4 Hours

How to prepare for Six Sigma Black Belt?

 Before starting with the preparation for the final exam, its highly advised to substantial study schedule. For instance if your exam is scheduled in about 3-4 months, then you can spend at least 2-3 hours a day studying while on weekends you can devote more number of hours. For a quick learning process you can relate the topics with the work you’re doing, try involving your colleagues and friends to help you with your preparation this way you’ll learn quickly.

If you already hold White Belt or the Green Belt Certification then somewhere it’ll be easier for you to pass the exam with enough of self-study. While if you don’t hold any certification prior to it, then also you need to worry there are plenty of resources available like the training courses and the practice tests. TestPrepTraining offers a sample questions and practice test for a better study experience. This gives an idea about your level of knowledge and the areas where you lack.

It’s a healthy piece of advice to enrol yourself in some online practice test, this will help you become more confident of your knowledge while polishing your skills.

The Blueprint:Yes, it’s recommended to go through the exam Blueprint, to have a better idea of the topics you need to study. See the areas where you’re weak and at the same time look for the topics you already have knowledge about, this will boost your confidence.

The Study material: Be it any exam, study material plays a vital role in the preparation. Collect all the available study material you get. Make notes of the important points and memorize them till the final exam arrives. Read examples and case studies more and more for a better understanding of the topics.

Make it a habit:Yes, keep pocket notes with you while out for work or something else. Pocket notes help you to recall what you’ve learnt so far and it’s a fun way to memorize the tough points.

Don’t forget to practice:Practice is the key while you’re preparing the theory part will all your heart and soul don’t forget to take practice test. As practice tests help you analyze where you have reached or how far you’ve come in the area of your preparation.


Now, you’re done with enough of the preparation here comes the day of your exam. Assuming you’re 100% prepared for your final exam following are some of the motivating final tips to get you smoothly through the big day:

  • Don’t let this come to your mind that this is tough, always welcome the positivity so in the back of your mind keep telling yourself that you can easily crack this exam in you very first attempt.
  • Now as you’re done with a lot of labour so the night before your final exam make sure you take a good sound sleep to wake-up refreshed. Take a healthy meal in the breakfast for better mental performance..
  • Check on your essentials needed for the exam and to avoid last minute rushing have them in one place.
  • Revise the notes prepared for last minute revision.
  • Be confident and attentive.
  • Revise your answers before ending the exam.
  • Don’t panic, if in case your mind freezes during the exam. Drink water, and take a few deep breathes, recalling the answer to the question.
  • Don’t ever waste your time on one question just keep moving to next question and in the end while revising try to answer the questions left in between (if any).

These tips and instructions will surely lead you to crack your Six Sigma Black Belt Exam in the very first attempt of yours.