How do I prepare for Blue Prism Installation Engineer Exam?

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Blue Prism comprehends the significance of having a high-quality certification program to keep the standards needed for successful enterprise RPA delivery. There is a wide variety of tools obtainable in the RPA market. But the Blue Prism is the only mechanism that holds the capacity of a virtual workforce powered by software robots. This tool is essential to the enterprise to automate any business responsibility into an agile and cost-effective operation. However, in this article, we are significantly going to discuss the details of the Blue Prism Installation Engineer exam at length. The Blue Prism Installation Engineer Certification Exam examines a candidate’s knowledge and perception of how all Blue Prism architectural elements should be deployed and configured for a triumphant implementation. The credential by blue prism can be remarkably beneficial for both one’s personal and professional development.

Exam Details

The Blue Prism Installation Engineer certification comes with many benefits for the candidates. So, to become a certified Installation Engineer, the candidate must pass either of the Installing and Configuring a Blue Prism Environment Exams. These examinations are version-specific and convenient for both Blue Prism v5.0(AIE01) and v6.0(AIE02). Certification is granted for passing any one of these exams and is valid for life. Let us now provide some benefits of taking this exam:

  • First of all, every sector needs professionals and this particular certification helps the candidate to get ahead of all the other aspiring developers.
  • Companies involving Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, etc. practice Blue Prism to automate their operation. Thereby, giving the candidate a wide range of companies to join in.
  • A Blue Prism Installation Engineer is granted a higher pay in relation to other non-certified peers.
  • Also, the Blue Prism Installation Engineer Certification is affirmed all around the globe. The certification gives the applicant an upper hand if they need to relocate across globally anywhere.

Let us now get to the format of the exam!

Exam Format
  • The Blue Prism Installation Engineer exam comes with the code AIE02. Also, there are 45 Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions that will be randomly selected from a pool.
  • Next, the candidate will get 60 Minutes to successfully complete their exam.
  • One has to score 70% in order to pass the Blue Prism Installation Engineer exam. Further, Pass with merit – 80%, Pass with distinction – 90%
  • The candidate can register for the exam at Pearson VUE and the cost of the Blue Prism exam will be USD 150. Also, the exam is only available in the English language. To register for an exam please go to

Blue Prism Installation Engineer Exam Outline

This is to help candidates prepare for the exam by identifying specific content within each topic that may be tested.

  • General Component Knowledge
  • Next, Configuring Application Servers
  • Configuring Runtime Resources
  • Also, Configuring Interactive Clients
  • Configuring a Blue Prism Database
  • Configuring Login Agent
  • Troubleshooting

The exam covers the following broad scope:

  • The component architecture and implementation options
  • Then, managing user access via Active Directory integration
  • Also, secure storage and management of access credentials
  • Further, database provisioning and maintenance
  • Windows and application authentication
Blue Prism Installation Engineer Exam Online Tutorial

How do you prepare for the the Blue Prism Installation Engineer Exam?

We have curated some important learning resources to prepare for the Blue Prism Installation Engineer exam, with some of the important learning resources that will help you plan and prepare better.

Set Up an Exam date

Nothing motivates considerably like a deadline. So if the candidate is serious about examining for and passing the Blue Prism Installation Engineer Exam, don’t wait another minute. Register today and start preparing yourself to pass it. Setting a date also helps the candidate to build their study schedule out, so they know when they have time to study and what they need to study in order to qualify for the test. If the aspirants are not sure what material they need to study yet, that’s okay, we’ll cover that in a minute.

Know the Prerequisites

Candidates must have working experience in establishing up Blue Prism environments from at least v5.0.23 in a range of deployment situations. Also, to prepare for the Blue Prism Installation Engineer exam it is recommended that the candidate study and fully understand the following product documentation prepared on the Blue Prism Portal. Each document is available as a v5 of v6 version. Further, please read the version appropriate to your exam.

  • Blue Prism Infrastructure Reference Guide Enterprise Edition*
  • User Guide – Installing Enterprise Edition
  • Data Sheets
    •  Provisioning a Blue Prism Database Server
    •  Maintaining a Blue Prism Database Server
    •  Secure Windows Authentication
    •  Credential Manager
    •  Securing Network Connectivity
    •  Active Directory Integration
    •  Login Agent

Some Important Learning Resources

We have curated the following learning resources. Take a look at them.

Review the Exam Objectives– The first step should be reviewing the exam objectives. Before you begin with the preparation for the certification exam, make sure you are up to date with all exam info. Because certification exams keep on updating with new technology coming every day. So, your first step should be the Official website of Blue Prism and view and match if you and the website are on the same page. If not, then make sure you’re equipped with all the new exam info that is out there. Also, objectives play an important role, so follow this step successfully. 

Blue Prism Study Guide– The next step is to refer to the Blue Prism Installation Engineer Study Guide. You will find the study guide for the Blue Prism Installation Engineer exam at the official website of Blue Prism. As mentioned earlier, the Exam Outline is the most important part of any certification exam. You can easily locate the exam outline in the study guide as well. Also, make sure to view if there are any important notices, you must be updated on any new changes. 

Blue Prism Installation Engineer Study Guide

Self-learning Courses– Earning a Blue Prism credential is not a cakewalk. Rather, it requires proper determination and strong preparation methods. Blue Prism understands your concern and provides you self-learning courses. Imbibing topics can help candidates to easily understand surface automation notions for the Installation Engineer exam. 

Refer Online Tutorials– Blue Prism Installation Engineer Online Tutorial enhances your knowledge and provides a depth understanding of the exam concepts. Additionally, they also cover exam details and policies. Nonetheless, these online tutorials provide and in-depth information related to the examination.

Blue Prism Installation Engineer Exam Online Tutorial

Discussion Forums and Communities– One of the best ways to ensure your preparation is when you are having doubts. You can find various professionals who are certified in the same or related area and can readily give answers to your doubts. You can also form a study group for the discussion with people of similar interests. Discussing more and more will help you in the conceptual clearing of the concepts. Sometimes the users may also upload different types of study material which can be very useful for your preparation. You can join the official community now.

Practice Test– The most important step is to try your hands on the practice test. Blue Prism Installation Engineer Practice Test are the one which ensures the candidate about their preparation. The practise test is very beneficial in preparing and evaluating your skills for better learning. So, Start Preparing Now!

Blue Prism Installation Engineer Exam Free Test

We at Testprep Training hope that this article helped you to get an understanding of how difficult this exam can be! For better preparation, the candidate should practice upper mention learning resources and try practice tests as well. We wish you good luck with your exam!