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Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer

Google Cloud Professional Data Engineers make it feasible for corporations to mesh in all the fancy advanced analytics and insight generation that data science offers. Also, all this is done by creating trust and industry-wide access to accurate, reliable data at scale with sound data infrastructure and architecture. 

A Professional Data Engineer facilitates data-driven decision making by collecting, transforming, and publishing data. Data Engineer designs, operationalizes, secures and monitors data processing systems with a particular emphasis on security and compliance. Not to mention, the scalability and efficiency, reliability and fidelity, flexibility and portability. Not to mention, a Data Engineer leverages, deploys, and continuously train pre-existing machine learning models.

The Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer exam assesses your ability to:

  • First of all, designing data processing systems
  • Secondly, building and operationalizing data processing systems
  • Subsequently, operationalizing machine learning models
  • lastly, ensuring solution quality
Learning Objectives 

Some of the skills required to become a successful Google Cloud Platform Data Engineer (GCP Data Engineer) are as follows:

  • Proficiency in Python and SQL languages
  • Understanding of cloud platforms
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning (ML) concepts
  • Basic concepts of Java and Scala programming
  • Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Principles of data warehousing and data modelling

If in case you still wish to view and each and every exam information, you can visit our tutorial page here! Every information regarding the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer exam is available here.

Study Guide to become a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer

As you commence your preparation for GCP Cloud Developer certification exam, there are some common-yet-powerful methods that are beneficial in your preparation. There are so many candidates who prepare for certification by studying a book and later are disappointed if they can’t qualify the exam. However, the reality is much different than the expectation.  Just acknowledging the source information is only a small part of the preparation guide.

Review the Exam Guide

The Official Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Study Guide has a complete list of topics and domains that are included in the exam. So, review the exam guide to determine if your skills align with the topics on the exam. This will allow you to have a better understanding of the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer exam.

Professional Data Engineer learning resources

Get started with Training Program

When it comes to certification exams, there’s nothing better than the training programs. These offer the candidates with such deep knowledge and insights of the Google Cloud Platform. The Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Trainings are:

Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform

This four-day instructor-led class provides participants with a hands-on introduction to designing and building data pipelines on Google Cloud Platform. With a combination of presentations, demos, and hands-on labs, candidates learn the process of designing a data system.  Not to mention, they also learn and build end-to-end data pipelines, analyze data and derive insights. This particular course entails everything structured, unstructured, and streaming data.

Evaluate yourself with Hands-on practice!

Since this particular exam tests technical skills related to the job profiles. Hence Hands-on experience is the best preparation for the exam. If after training program candidates feel like having more experience or practise, we strongly suggest using the hands-on labs available on Qwiklabs. Also, they are available on the GCP free tier to grade up candidates knowledge and skills.

Google Cloud Free Tier

The Google Cloud Free Tier provides the candidate with free resources to study Google Cloud services. This becomes all the more enriching for a candidate if they are completely new to the platform and need to learn the basics. On the other hand, if suppose you’re an established customer and want to experiment with new solutions, the Google Cloud Free Tier has got you covered.

Google Cloud Essentials

In this introductory-level quest, the candidate will get hands-on practice with Google Cloud’s fundamental tools and services. Google Cloud Essentials is the recommended first Quest for the Google Cloud learner. As this provides the candidate with practical experience that they can apply to their first Google Cloud project. From writing Cloud Shell commands and marshalling their first virtual machine, to running applications on Kubernetes Engine or with load balancing. All this can be easily done with the help of Google Cloud Essential. Since it is the prime introduction to the platform’s basic features.

Data Engineering

This advanced-level quest is unparalleled amongst the other Qwiklabs offerings. The labs are curated to provide the IT professionals hands-on practise with topics and services that appear in the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Certification. From Big Query to Dataprep, to Cloud Composer & Tensorflow, this quest is composed of specific labs that will put your GCP data engineering knowledge to the test. Not to mention, this will increase candidates skills and abilities, so they won’t require other preparation. As the exam is quite challenging. Therefore,  external studying, practice, or background in cloud data engineering is urged.

Additional Learning Resources 

When it comes to certification exams like Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer, the more the learning resources, the better will be the outcome. In the same vein, if candidate requires more in-depth knowledge and wants to critically acknowledge their components of Google Cloud Platform. So, for that, we’re providing you two Quick links for additional resources.

Self-Evaluation makes you Better 

And, finally, it’s time for self-evaluation. Take it from us, Self Evaluation is the last step of your success. So all you need is Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Practice Exam. The more you’re going to practice, it’s better for you.

Not only does it assists you in understanding the areas where you lack but also, ensures you’re improving your skills as well. So, keep on practising as many practice tests as much you can. FOR MORE PRACTICE TEST, CLICK HERE!

free practice tests
A certification is just a test away. So, prepare with the advanced learning resources to become a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Now!