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Technology Literacy for Educators (62-193) Exam

Finding the right study guide to prepare for the Microsoft 62-193, Technology Literacy for Educators exam is not easy. Therefore, we have curated a study guide that will solve all your problems. In the same vein, let’s get you started with brief information regarding the exam first and then begin with the Study Guide.

Technology Literacy for Educators 62-193 certification exam comes under Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) that is an intermediate-level examination intended to be a valid and reliable measure of competencies as measured by the 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) framework. However, the candidates passing Technology Literacy for Educators (62-193) Exam are awarded Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) certification. This exam validates that educators have the global educator technology literacy competencies needed to provide a rich, custom learning experience for students.

Target Audience

This Technology Literacy for Educators (62-193) exam is best suitable for –

  • Individuals preparing to become classroom educators
  • Current educators
  • Faculty at teacher training or pre-service colleges
  • Educational administrators
  • Other professionals looking to provide validation of competency
62-193 learning path

Learning Objectives

Microsoft provides learning exam objectives for the 62-193 exam that help the candidates to understand and know about the concepts before preparation. Moreover, these exam concepts are provided with sections and subsections to make you learn about them in-depth. The Microsoft 62-193 exam includes training resources that provide a learning path to help you during the studying time. However, the Technology Literacy for Educators 62-193 exam objectives include:

  • Advancing communication skills 
  • Student collaboration
  • Simplifying knowledge construction
  • Working on self-regulation
  • Assisting in real-world problem solving and innovation
  • Student use of Information and Communication Tools
  • Using ICT to be an Effective Educator

Now that we have given you a brief regarding the exam, let’s begin with the study guide. However, if you somehow feel, you need to be well equipped with the details of the exam, CLICK HERE!

Microsoft Exam 62-193 Free Test

Technology Literacy for Educators 62-193 Study Guide

In this study guide, we’re going to provide you with each and every learning resource that is important for you to qualify the examination. Microsoft provides various methods and ways that will help you during the Technology Literacy for Educators (62-193) exam preparation. So, buckle up and get ready to prepare like you’ve never prepared before.

Microsoft Exam 62-193 study guide
Begin with Microsoft Learning Platform

The learning platform by Microsoft gives candidates access to get information about the exam using the learning resources. For the Microsoft 62-193 exam, these study resources can be accessed from the official exam page. That is to say, you just have to search for the Microsoft 62-193 exam and the essential information will be provided that will help you in understanding it better. It will help the candidates to become a Microsoft Certified Educator.

Instructor Led Training

Microsoft has given an advantage to candidates providing instructor-led training. This Technology Literacy for Educators (62-193) exam training will help students to advance their communication skills, Knowledge Construction, Self-Regulation and the Real World Problem Solving and Innovation. Moreover, this will help candidates to understand the topics and sections over a short time duration.

Joining Study Groups

During the exam preparation time, it is good to join study groups. These groups will help you to stay connected with the other people who are on the same pathway as you. Moreover, here you can start any discussion about the issue related to the exam or any query. By doing so, you will get the best possible answer to your query.

Self-evaluate with Practice Tests

Practice tests are important during the time of preparation. By assessing yourself with these tests you will know about your weak and strong areas. We all know time plays an essential role during the exam. So, by using the Technology Literacy for Educators 62-193 practice exam tests you will be able to improve your answering skills that will result in saving a lot of time. Moreover, the best way to start doing practice tests is after completing one full topic as this will work as a revision part for you. So, make sure to find the best practice sources. 

Microsoft 62-193 exam free practice tests
Boost your career with this study guide. Start preparing for Technology Literacy for Educators (62-193) Exam Now!