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Docker Certified Associate

Market Demand for Docker Certified Associate has shown rapid growth in the IT sector. The application of Docker in enterprises has become the main driver of rising demand. Above all, Docker container as a notion of modernization has changed the aspect of software conveyance. 

However, Docker is a DevOps tool made to create easy deployment as well as the execution of applications. Not only does the use of Docker help in boosting the performance but it also reduces the application’s size. Docker is easily becoming a huge part of other various DevOps toolchains. Therefore, to secure a position, DevOps professionals are applying for the top most DevOps certifications.   

Docker Certification implies qualifying for the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam and acquiring a reputation for your Docker skills. Docker container as innovation has changed the aspect of software conveyance. The certification helps the candidates to validate their individual capabilities in various features offered by Docker. In addition, this would also help in improving the candidate’s technology skills for installation and configuration of Docker. Therefore, candidates need to be proficient in skills such as orchestration, imaging, networking, and security. 

Docker Certified Associate Exam Objectives 

The candidate has to go through the learning objectives for the Docker Certified Associate exam if they are preparing for it. So, here are the learning objectives of the Docker Certified Associate:

  • Orchestration 25%
  • Image Creation, Management, and Registry 20%
  • Installation and Configuration 15%
  • Networking 15%
  • Security 15%
  • Storage and Volumes 10%
Docker Certified Associate

Learning Path 

Docker Certifications validate technical knowledge with an industry-recognized credential. Our certifications recognize technical skills on the Docker platform. The Docker offers mainly two certifications i.e. Docker Certified Associate and Docker and Containers Commands. 

If in case you still wish to view and each and every exam information, you can visit our tutorial page. Every information regarding the Docker Certified Associate certification exam is available here.

Study Guide Docker Certified Associate Exam

The preparation steps which are essential in order to successfully pass the Docker Certified Associate exam. we’ve processed a study guide that will help you qualify the certification with flying colours. We are providing a detailed study guide which is the right methodical approach for preparation. So, the below illustration showcases the roadmap to success.

Docker Certified Associate Study Guide
Docker Official Website 

Visiting the Docker official website is an imperative step while preparing for the exam like Docker Certified Associate. The official site offers a lot of reliable information and sources which is very helpful in preparing for the exam. The resources such as Docker Certified Associate exam guide, sample papers, whitepapers, documentation, faqs, etc. The candidate can find all such important things on the official page.

Docker Training 

The candidate can also opt for the Docker training programs. The Docker offers training programs on every exam. The training programs for a particular exam contain all information of the exam such as Docker Certified Associate exam syllabus, description, intended audience, delivery method, duration etc. The candidate should join a training program to gain knowledge and skills for Docker Certified Associate. 

  • Firstly, Docker Fundamentals
  • Secondly, Docker for Enterprise Developers
  • Lastly, Docker Security Course
Get more with Books!

The next step in your preparatory guide should also include reading books. Books: your old school friend, remember! You can easily read books on Docker too. But other related books will always provide an extra edge to you. Here are a few books that you can go though-

The Docker Book: Containerization is the New Virtualization ...
  • Docker Deep Dive book by Nigel Poulton.
  • The Docker Book: Containerization is the new virtualization by James Turnbull.

Remember books are an easy source to acquire knowledge. So make sure you read a few and develop a great understanding of the Docker concept.

Join a Study Group 

Joining a group study will also be beneficial for the candidate. It will encourage them to do more hard work. Also, studying in the group will help them to stay connected with the other people who are on the same pathway as them. Also, the discussion of such study groups will benefit the students in their exams. 

Practice Test 

Practice tests are the one who ensures the candidate about their preparation. The Docker Certified Associate practice exam test will help the candidates to acknowledge their weak areas so that they can work on them. There are many practice tests available on the internet nowadays, so the candidate can choose which they want. Start using Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Practice Tests!

Refer study guide with advanced learning resources. Prepare for the Docker Certified Associate exam and become a certified professional now!