Certified Blockchain Expert Cheat Sheet

Looking for a quick recap for the Certified Blockchain Expert exam? Then, get ready for a quick step by step revision guide for the exam using this cheat sheet. However, Blockchain Technology has seen a splendid hike in the recent years thus, increasing the value of its certifications. But, on the other hand, this has also leveled up the competition that has increased the difficulty of the exam. So, the best coming way to pass the exam totally relies on the advanced skills and knowledge you have with good study resources.

But, there is no need to worry! we have covered it up all. In this cheat sheet, we will talk about all the essential information with the best available sources to help you in cracking the Certified Blockchain Expert exam. So, let’s get started with this.

Certified Blockchain Expert: Exam Overview

You must know that Blockchain technology is what supports and powers the crypto currency network. It involves storage of information of different forms like payments, transactions etc. in form of blocks. Talking about the exam, for becoming Certified Blockchain Expert you must have deep understanding about the Blockchain technology and skills to build Blockchain-based applications for businesses. However, there are many reasons to go for this exam. Let’s check some of them.

  • Firstly, global recognition as the exam is accepted worldwide.
  • Secondly, this certification makes you stand out among non-certified professionals.
  • Thirdly, Blockchain is an emerging technology with great rise in career opportunities hence it enhances your employability.
  • Lastly, you can also build your own Blockchain enterprise with the acquired knowledge. And, with the understanding of Blockchain you can also earn massively through crypto currency mining.
Target Audience

The Certified Blockchain Expert Exam is non-technical in nature hence it is easily accessible for all. The target audience for the exam may have a background in computer science as an added advantage. Specially, Investment Banker, Advisors & Consultants, Programmers & Developers, Crypto currency Enthusiasts, Security Professionals, Application Architects and Venture Capitalists, Angel & Seed Investors.

Prerequisites for the Certified Blockchain Expert Exam

The Certified Blockchain Expert Exam does not require any past experience. However, it is expected that you have familiarity about the following –

  • Firstly, basic knowledge of computer science
  • Secondly, interest in learning new technology
  • Lastly, awareness Blockchain and crypto currency overview and latest updates.

Quick Cheat Sheet for Certified Blockchain Expert Exam

If you have knowledge of Blockchain, then you are all prepared to achieve your desired goal. However, with the Certified Blockchain Expert exam, you will not only get to improve knowledge but also may get rewarded lavishly. But, for this it is important to choose the best exam preparation resources to crack this exam. So let’s check the essential exam resources and begin with the preparation.

Certified Blockchain Expert Cheat Sheet

Review the Exam Topics

Understanding and getting familiar with the main objectives of the Certified Blockchain Expert Exam is very important. Knowing the exam objectives will provide you an insight into the exam. And, you will also be able to review and mark the sections and topics you find difficult. However, the topics that are included in this exam are provided below:

Origin of Blockchain Technology
  • Electronic Systems and Trust
  • Bitcoin Predecessors
  • The Bitcoin Experiment
  • Bringing Bitcoin to Life
Introduction to Blockchain
  • What is Blockchain?
  • Why is Blockchain a Distributed, P2P Network?
  • Blockchain Vs Cryptocurrency
  • Types of Blockchain
  • What Are different Blockchain Technologies?
  • Benefits of using Blockchain Technology
Tokenize Everything
  • Tokens on Ethereum Platform
  • Ethereum Token Standards
Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Merkle Tree and Hashing
  • Blocks, Wallets and Addresses
  • Public and Private Key
  • Cryptography and Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Transaction Execution and Distribution
  • Components of Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Blockchain Architecture
Blockchain Mining
  • What is Blockchain Mining?
  • Types of Mining
  • Who are Miners?
Transactions UTXO Vs Account Model
Security and Privacy
  • What are Smart Contracts?
  • What is Consensus?
  • Types of Consensus Algorithms
Other Consensus Mechanisms in Blockchain
  • Proof-Of-Capacity(PoC) & Proof-of Activity(PoA)
  • Proof-of-Burn(PoB) & Proof-of-Weight(PoWeight)
  • Leased Proof-of-Stake(LPOS)
Blockchain Solutions – Steps and measures
Use-Cases of Blockchain
  • Blockchain use cases in Financial Sector
  • Blockchain use cases in Business Sector
  • Blockchain use cases in Government & Public Sector
  • Blockchain use cases in other Industries
Other Use-Cases of Blockchain
  • Blockchain in IoT
  • Blockchain in CBDC
  • Blockchain in Retail Fashion & Luxury
  • Blockchain in sports and E-sports
  • Blockchain in Legal Industry
  • Social Impact of Blockchain
  • DeFi Use Cases in Blockchain Part 1
  • DeFi Use Cases in Blockchain Part 2

Check Official Page of the Exam

The official page of Certified Blockchain Expert Exam contains all the exam guidelines and blueprint. Therefore, the first and the foremost step is to get familiarity with the exam course and concepts. The key domains of the course cover all basic, intermediate and expert levels of Blockchain understanding. Moreover, doing this will keep you up to dated with any changes happening related to the exam.

Books for Better Understanding

If you are dedicated to passing the exam then, you must know the importance of books during the time of preparation. This will help you highlight the part of the topic you find difficult or you want to study later. Moreover, it can be helpful in understanding the core of the topics. Also, they provide in depth understanding of the exam course. Following are few recommendations for Certified Blockchain Expert exam.

  • Blockchain For Beginners by Blockchain Council
  • Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Go for the Official Training by Blockchain Council

Taking up a training course while preparing for an exam is indeed important. They provide hands on experience and practical knowledge. Blockchain Council offers you its own Official Training Course in which you can use instructor led training conducted online by experts. The training course is held for 2 days, 6 hours daily. This training will help you establish a solid base and ace the Certified Blockchain Expert exam.

Evaluate yourself with Practice Test

Taking a practice test is a great way to understand your study strategy and ensure the best possible results for the real thing. And, this will help you identify your weak areas so, that you can work on them. Moreover, using these tests for the Certified Blockchain Expert exam will help you understand the pattern of the questions as well as improve your answering skills.

Certified Blockchain Expert practice tests
Increase your level of skills by becoming Certified Blockchain Expert Cheat Sheet