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AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty

The best way to stand out in this competitive job sector is to hold a certification with advanced level skills. And, as we know that AWS cloud computing services are one of the fastest-growing sectors even in 2020 which is considered to be amongst the most difficult years of all times. Whilst, maintaining its norms, AWS focuses on upgrading its certification level by staying up to date with the latest technologies. However, in 2020, when the world was dealing with COVID-19, AWS was working on updates and improvements in its exam to provide more visibility for candidates to earn the certification.

As a result, in March 2021, a new version of the AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (BDS-C00) exam was launched which is AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam. AWS DAS-C01 exam will help in achieving candidates an industry-recognized credential from AWS with validating skills in AWS data lakes and analytics services.

n this blog, we will learn everything about the AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam, starting from the exam overview and then about the useful resources that will lead you to understand it more accurately.

AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty Exam Overview

With building credibility and confidence by highlighting the abilities to design, build, secure, and maintain analytics solutions on AWS, AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam is key to have a good career. However, this exam is best suitable if you are in the focused role of data analytics. As the exam measures your understanding of using AWS services for designing, building, maintaining, and securing analytics solutions for providing insight from data.

Further, the exam validates ability in:

  • Firstly, defining the concepts of AWS data analytics services and understanding how they integrate with each other.
  • Secondly, describing the process of AWS data analytics services and how it fits in the data lifecycle of collection, storage, processing, and visualization.

For AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam, AWS provides knowledge requirements that may be recommended to gain before taking this exam. So, let’s take a look at it.

Recommended AWS Knowledge: DAS-C01 Exam

For AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam, 

  • Firstly, five or more years of experience with common data analytics technologies
  • Secondly, should have at least two years of hands-on experience working on AWS
  • Lastly, knowledge and experience of working with AWS services for designing, building, securing, and maintaining analytics solutions.

As we all know that this certification was previously known as AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty. However, the certifications earned with Big Data are still active for three years from the date they are earned. 

AWS Exam Details

For the AWS Specialty exam, it requires more information to understand the pattern before starting your preparation. So, below we will cover the exam details, procedures and course outline to create a clarity.

AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty exam details
  • AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam consists of 65 questions that will be of either multiple choice or multiple response types. 
  • Secondly, to complete the exam, there will be a time limit of 180 minutes.
  • Thirdly, this exam comes with two delivery methods:
    • Testing center
    • Online proctored exam
  • Next, this exam will cost you 300 USD (Practice exam: 40 USD).
  • Lastly, the exam can be taken in English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese Language.

Before moving to the next section,take a look at some exam related information that will be useful during the exam.

Important Things you should know
  • Firstly, there are two types of questions on the exam:
    • Multiple choice. It has one correct response and three incorrect responses.
    • Multiple responses. It has two or more correct responses out of five or more options.
  • Secondly, the AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) exam is a pass or fail the exam. However, the results for the exam score are reported ranges from 100–1,000. And, the minimum passing score for this exam is 750.
  • Lastly, the compensatory scoring model states that you do not need to “pass” the individual sections, only the overall exam. That is to say, each section of the examination has a specific weighting.
Exam Signing up benefits

AWS Certification helps individuals in building skills and knowledge by validating cloud expertise with industry-recognized certification. And, also for organizations in identifying skilled professionals for leading cloud initiatives using AWS. So, you can start preparing by signing up for AWS that will help you in:

  • Firstly, scheduling and managing exams
  • Secondly, viewing your certification history
  • Thirdly, accessing your digital badges
  • Next, for taking sample tests
  • Lastly, viewing your certification benefits

Moving onto the important section that is exam content.

AWS Exam Content Outline

For AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam, an exam guide is provided that includes the weightings, test domains, and objectives. The topics provided in this outline consists of sections that will make you understand about the topic more accurately. The topics include:

Exam topics
Domain 1: Collection

1.1 Determine the operational characteristics of the collection system

1.2 Select a collection system that handles the frequency, volume, and the source of data

  • Describe and characterize the volume and flow characteristics of incoming data (streaming, transactional, batch) (AWS Documentation: Characteristics, streaming data)
  • Match flow characteristics of data to potential solutions
  • Assess the tradeoffs between various ingestion services taking into account scalability, cost, fault tolerance, latency, etc. (AWS Documentation: Amazon EMR FAQs, Data ingestion methods)
  • Explain the throughput capability of a variety of different types of data collection and identify bottlenecks (AWS Documentation: Caching Overview, I/O characteristics and monitoring)
  • Choose a collection solution that satisfies connectivity constraints of the source data system

1.3 Select a collection system that addresses the key properties of data, such as order, format, and compression

Domain 2: Storage and Data Management

2.1 Determine the operational characteristics of the storage solution for analytics

2.2 Determine data access and retrieval patterns

2.3 Select appropriate data layout, schema, structure, and format

2.4 Define data lifecycle based on usage patterns and business requirements

2.5 Determine the appropriate system for cataloging data and managing metadata

Domain 3: Processing

3.1 Determine appropriate data processing solution requirements

3.2 Design a solution for transforming and preparing data for analysis

3.3 Automate and operationalize data processing solutions

AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty online course
Domain 4: Analysis and Visualization

4.1 Determine the operational characteristics of the analysis and visualization solution

4.2 Select the appropriate data analysis solution for a given scenario

  • Evaluate and compare analysis solutions (AWS Documentation: Evaluating a solution version with metrics)
  • Select the right type of analysis based on the customer use case (streaming, interactive, collaborative, operational)

4.3 Select the appropriate data visualization solution for a given scenario

Domain 5: Security

5.1 Select appropriate authentication and authorization mechanisms

5.2 Apply data protection and encryption techniques

5.3 Apply data governance and compliance controls

We have almost covered all the essential details related to the AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam. Now, it’s time to talk about the study resources and the training methods that will help you in exam preparation.

Before that take a quick look at the benefits of the AWS certifications.

AWS Certification Benefits
  • Firstly, AWS gives chance to learn from AWS experts and get yourself advanced. It provides flexibility by offering candidates to choose what to learn, and when and how to start.
  • Secondly, this helps in increasing the credibility by providing direct assistance from AWS experts with having domain experience and access to the latest AWS Cloud products, services, and teaching methods. 
  • Thirdly, it helps in improvising solutions to meet your goals.
  • Lastly, AWS offers virtual training to complement digital courses.

AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty Preparation Guide

Before starting preparing for the exam it is important to have hands-on experience on the skills mentioned for the exam. Moreover, you should be having the best study resources and exam guide to cover everything in one place. Below we will talk about some of the essential training resources and methods useful for this exam.

AWS Exam guide

For every certification, AWS provides an exam guide that contains the content outline, exam overview, and the target audience for the certification exam. Before starting preparing for the exam, it is important to go through this guide to understand the knowledge requirement and other major details for the exam.

AWS Training

AWS helps in building your technical skills by providing recommended courses according to the exam. For AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam the course include:

Data Analytics Fundamentals

In this course, you will understand and learn to plan data analysis solutions and the data analytic processes. This course provides five key factors indicating the need for specific AWS services to collect, process, analyze, and present data. Further, this course has objectives, some of them include:

  • Firstly, identifying the characteristics of data analysis solutions and the characteristics indicating a solution.
  • Secondly, defining types of data including structured, semistructured, and unstructured data.
  • Thirdly, defining data storage types such as data lakes, AWS Lake Formation, data warehouses, and the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
  • Next, analyzing the characteristics of and differences in batch and stream processing.
  • Then, defining how Amazon Kinesis is used to process streaming data.
  • Lastly, analyzing the characteristics of different storage systems for source data and the differences of row-based and columnar data storage methods.
Big Data on AWS

Big Data on AWS provides knowledge of cloud-based big data solutions such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Amazon Redshift, and the rest of the AWS big data platform. However, in this course, you will learn the concept of using Amazon EMR In order to process data using the broad ecosystem of Hadoop tools like Hive and Hue. This will also help in:

  • learning the process of creating big data environments
  • working with services such as Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, Amazon QuickSight, and Amazon Kinesis
  • leveraging best practices for designing big data environments for security and cost-effectiveness.

Exam Readiness training by AWS

Exam Readiness training focuses on teaching the process of interpreting exam questions and allocating your study time. However, for this exam exam readiness provides training course that is,

Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty

This course helps you in your exam preparation by exploring the exam’s topic areas and familiarizing you with the questions format and exam approach. In this course, you will learn about:

  • Firstly, navigating the logistics of the examination process
  • Secondly, understanding the exam structure and question types
  • Thirdly, identifying how questions relate to AWS data analytics concepts
  • Next, interpret the concepts being tested by exam questions
  • Lastly, developing a personalized study plan to prepare for the exam

Practice Tests

Taking a practice test is a great way to create a study strategy and to learn about your weak areas. Moreover, practice tests help you to have the best possible revision, and taking sample tests for the AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam, will help in learning and understanding the pattern of the questions so that you don’t face any problem during the exam.

Final Words

By passing the new AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam, you have open doors to many big opportunities and to achieve your goal. By holding an AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty credential, you will earn digital badges from AWS that you can use to display your abilities and even share your real-time achievement with employers and on social media. So, this new exam can provide you a source of benefits that can end up in having a good career. Further, you can start preparing for the exam using the list of training methods provided in this article.

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