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The M_o_R® Risk Management Foundation certification is appropriate for any organization or individual seeing the need for guidance from strategic, program, project, and operational perspectives on a controlled approach to detecting, assessing, and managing risk. The qualification of the foundation certification is targeted at the system and administration of programs.

Why become M_o_R®  Risk Management Professional?

Professionals and graduates who wish to learn about the controlled approach to strategic, program, project, and operational perspectives to define, evaluate, and monitor risk. This certification will educate you in these areas and will also increase your employment opportunities in various companies. As there is tremendous demand for a M_o_R Foundation Professional.

Target Audience

For graduates and professionals who want to strengthen their CV’s this certification is the best recommendation for such individuals, this will grant the delegate a recognized qualification from the Foundation. In a wide range of initiatives and disciplines, such as IT and Business Continuity Management, Project/Program Risk Management, Operational Service Management, Security and Availability Management, the Foundation level tests whether a delegate may serve as an informed member of a team or organization using the M o R method.

Exam Details

The M_o_R Foundation exam questions are in Multiple Choice format. You get 60 minutes to complete 75 Questions (5 questions not counted) of the exam. Also, you can take the exam in English, German, Polish, Dutch languages. Moreover, the M_o_R Foundation exam cost is £245.

Exam Name   M_o_R® Risk Management FoundationExam Code AZ-500
Exam Duration 60 minsExam Format Multiple Choice Questions
Exam Type Risk ManagementNumber of Questions 75 Questions (5 questions not counted)
Eligibility/Pre-Requisite NILExam Fee £245.00
Exam Language English, German, Polish, DutchPass Score 50% (35 out of 70)

For More Details See – M_o_R® Risk Management Foundation FAQ

M_o_R® Risk Management Foundation FAQ

M_o_R Foundation Course Details

The M_o_R Foundation certificate exam covers the following domains –

Introduction and Glossary (IG)

  • Know facts, terms and concepts relating to M_o_R (Risk management and Corporate governance terms)
  • Know facts, terms and concepts relating to the M_o_R approach, perspectives and the actions needed for effective risk management implementation.
  • Understand how the M_o_R framework is used.

M_o_R Principles (PI)

  • That the principles are informed by corporate governance principles and ISO31000:2009
  • Definitions of the terms describing the amount of risk an organization is willing to take
  • KPI and EWI
  • The eight M_o_R principles, their purpose and outcome from satisfying them
  • How the principles support corporate governance and internal control

M_o_R Approach (AP)

  • Documents that make up the central approach documents
  • Purpose of each of the M_o_R documents
  • Concepts supporting the contents of the risk management policy, risk management process guide, risk management
  • Strategy and risk register
  • M_o_R approach documents

M_o_R Processes (PR)

  • Know the facts, terms and concepts of the M_o_R process.
  • Understand how the M_o_R process is used to identify, assess and control risk.

Embedding and reviewing (ER)

• Know the facts, terms and concepts relating to Embedding and reviewing of risk management into the culture of an organization.

Perspectives (PE)

  • Know the facts, terms and concepts of the M_o_R perspectives
  • Understand how the M_o_R perspectives are used

Common Techniques (CT)

  • Know the facts, terms and concepts of the M_o_R techniques.
  • Understand how the M_o_R techniques are used.

Risk Specialisms (RS)

  • Know the facts, terms and concepts of the M_o_R risk specialisms.
  • Understand how the M_o_R risk specialisms are used

Preparation Guide for the M_o_R® Risk Management Foundation Exam

Preparation is the most important thing when it comes to exams. Preparing well is the ultimate skill that every examinee must possess. It establishes the essence and hints of confidence, pattern, and speed that are adequate and beneficial for the exam. Thus, for overall effective preparation, the following M_o_R ®  Foundation exam guide will assist every aspirant.

M_o_R® Risk Management Foundation Preparation Guide

The Official Axelos website

The Official Axelos website has its own series and library of content for its aspirants to study peacefully and effectively. It has a series of online videos, chapter wise presentations, exam review sessions, etc. Candidates are suggested to download all the Pdfs and visit all the links provided by the website and inculcate all the content in their study sessions for better results. Also, don’t forget to download the exam outline provided by them to ace the Management Of Risk (M_o_R) Foundation exam.

Learn with Books

In our learning, books make a huge difference, supplying us with intelligible knowledge and allowing us to quickly memorise concepts. It is one of the significant tools we need during planning. While all is accessible online, the process of learning by books can not be replaced by any other method. These books mentioned below are the top 3 M_o_R Foundation books:

  • M_o_R® Management of Risk Foundation Courseware. This book is suitable for candidates wanting to demonstrate they have achieved a sufficient understanding of the M_o_R® methodology. It has all practical guidelines and methods that are very easy to follow.
  • M_o_R® Management of Risk Foundation Courseware – English 1st Edition. This book provides a score of relevant management documents to support the approach and a great list of techniques.
  • M_o_R® management and risk management training. This book is mainly based on introducing the risks and management concepts of M_o_R®.

Online Axelos Community

Reliable content is everything during the preparations. Studying from a good resource is always worth it. Rich resources lead to rich learning. An online forum is basically a library of resources and notes. It’s that one single destination for practice tests, content, notes, extra papers, etc. This is a nice way for the students to discuss their issues and get insights into how their competitors are going for the exams.

Evaluate yourself with Practice Tests

Before undertaking the real test, make sure you assess yourself well. Ensure yourself of your success in the areas in which you lack. It is important to analyze yourself because that makes you better at what you do. Don’t miss out on M_o_R Foundation practice exams, it will inspire you to do better, and the exam scores will show great results.

M_o_R® Risk Management Foundation Practice Tests
So gain the required knowledge and expertise to pass the M_o_R® Risk Management Foundation exam. Start Practicing Now