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Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA) Online Tutorials

The Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA) exam tests candidates’ understanding and mastery of common use cases for public blockchains, private and authorized blockchains, understanding the needs to launch your blockchain, common problems and considerations in working with public blockchains, awareness of the technology behind common blockchains, and more. It’s a high-end approach to demonstrate and demonstrate your knowledge and abilities.

The Certified Blockchain Solution Architect test has a huge and prestigious reputation in the industry since BIG is affiliated with a slew of well-known corporations and organisations that excel at what they do. Candidates that possess this certificate, as well as other BIG credentials, have seen an increase in their yearly compensation, work satisfaction, and credibility.

Benefits of Taking the CBSA Exam

  • This exam gives you the chance of becoming a member of the BIG.
  • Your salary will experience a boost
  • It enhances your CV and increases the probability of attaining your dream job.
  • It increases your value and respect in group projects. And, enhances your reputation and credibility during interviews and meetings.
  • You receive updates about the market every month BIG.
  • You also receive discount offers from BIG on other certifications as you become a member.

Target Audience

The credential is formulated to test the proficiency of consultants, programmers & Developers, University Professors, Software Engineers, CEO/CTO/CIO and Government Officials. Also, educators or curious minds who are interested in the blockchain industry with an affiliation in the subject can opt for Certified Blockchain Solution Architect exam.

Exam Details

The time duration of the Certified Blockchain Solution Architect exam is 90 minutes while there are 70 questions to be answered. As no guide or other materials will be allowed in the exam hall, candidates must be thoroughly prepared for the exam. They have a sharp memory and a good understanding. The passing percentage is also higher than the traditional passing percentage, i.e., 70%. Candidates’ Voucher expires One Year from the purchase date.

Exam Name Certified Blockchain Solution Architect Code CBSA
Time Duration 90 minsExam Format Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions
Exam Type ArchitectNumber of Questions 70 Questions
Validity One year after purchaseExam Fee $300 USD
Exam Language EnglishPass Score 70% and above

For More Details See – Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA) FAQ

Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA) FAQ

Course Outline

The Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA) exam will demonstrate your abilities in the following domains.

  • Architect blockchain solutions
  • Work effectively with blockchain engineers and technical leaders
  • Choose appropriate blockchain systems for various use cases
  • Work effectively with both public and permission blockchain systems

Certified Blockchain Solution Architect Study Guide

Understanding and being aware of your study habits and how to study better helps to prevent fear and frustration before an exam. Mastering productive and efficient study habits not only makes it easier to learn but will also help you get a better Certified Blockchain Solution Architect exam preparation. Also, finding the right spot for studying is really important to engage and actively memorize the content.

Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA) Preparation Guide
Learning Resource 1 – Official Training Course

This official course by BIG is an instructor-led course of 3 days. Blockchain Architecture training is for technical leaders educating them on how to make decisions about architecture, environment, and development platforms.

This Certified Blockchain Solution Architect exam course comes with the following advantages for the candidates.

  • Expert Instructor through class for better interactions
  • Digital Course Material that is accessible from anywhere at any time
  • Digital Exam Prep Material that is accessible from anywhere at any time
  • Exam Voucher for CBSA certification at Pearson VUE with a validity of 6 months
  • Classes are recorded and you will be granted a one year access to it (WebEx classes only)
Learning Resource 2 – Official Book

This Certified Blockchain Solution Architect is a PDF exam prep guide that encompasses all the exam objectives, including Blockchain technology, landscape, and design patterns. It also educates on how to choose appropriate Blockchain technology.

Learning Resource 3 – Training On-Demand

The Blockchain Solution Architecture Training On-Demand is a replica of the course that is mentioned as the previous training course. It’s the cheaper version offered by the official website with fewer bonuses.

This Certified Blockchain Solution Architect training course comes with the following advantages for the candidates

  • One year of unlimited access to course content
  • Certified Blockchain Solution Architecture exam voucher (applicable on only bulk purchase orders)
  • Right and options to stop, pause, rewind and move through all chapters
  • Sample quiz questions for better performance. Exam Prep Digital Course Material that is accessible from anywhere at any time
Learning Resource 4 – Online Community

Online communities can really aid candidates in forming intellectual conversations and create a group of peers involved in the same action course for the exams. This will help candidates generate new ideas, techniques, and learn tricks from other candidates.

Evaluate with Practice Tests

Practicing always brings out the errors and excellence of a learner. When you practice your revised knowledge it showcases where you need to put in extra efforts and where you need to enhance your skills for progress. Practicing is a key tool to become better after each session. So, start taking Certified Blockchain Solution Architect practice exam for having better preparation.

Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA) Practice Tests
Strengthen your skills to become a Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA). Start Practicing Now