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Technology Literacy for Educators 62-193 Exam FAQs

Microsoft 62-193 Exam Basic FAQ

What is Microsoft 62-193 Exam?

Microsoft 62-193 certification comes under Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) that is an intermediate-level examination intended to be a valid and reliable measure of competencies as measured by the 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) framework. However, the candidates passing Technology Literacy for Educators (62-193) Exam are awarded Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) certification. This exam validates that educators have the global educator technology literacy competencies needed to provide a rich, custom learning experience for students.

How many questions are there on 62-193 Exam?

In Microsoft 62-193 exam there will be 40-60 questions which have to be completed in 60 minutes.

What is the course outline for 62-193 Exam?

The topics in 62-193 exam are –

  • Facilitate Student Collaboration
  • Facilitating Skilled Communication
  • Facilitate Knowledge Construction
  • Facilitating Self-Regulation
  • Facilitate Real-World Problem Solving and Innovation
  • Facilitating student use of Information and Communication Tools (ICT)
  • Use ICT to be an Effective Educator

How much the 62-193 Exam will cost?

The Microsoft 62-193 exam will cost $127 USD with additional taxes.

What is the time duration 62-193 Exam?

You will be given 60 minutes to complete this exam.

What is the exam reschedule or cancellation policy?

If you want to cancel or reschedule the exam, then you are required to do it at least 6 days prior to your appointment. In case you failed to do it 24 hours prior to the exam then it may result in loss of the entire fee.

What is the Microsoft Certified Educator Exam retake policy?

You can apply for retaking the exam after 24 hours of the failed attempt but you pay for each exam attempt you will take. And, if a candidate does not achieve a passing score the second time then, they must wait seven days before retaking the exam a third time.

How many times we can take the Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) exam in a year?

A candidate can take the MCE exam five times per year (12 months). However, this 12-month period starts from the first attempt. The candidate is then eligible to retake the exam 12 months from that date.

In what language can we give the 62-193 Exam?

This exam is available in English, German, French, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Japanese, and Turkish language.

How to prepare for the Microsoft exam?

To prepare for an exam the best way is to practice the skills for the exam. Get hands-on experience with the technology to successfully pass Microsoft Certification exams. However, there are associated online courses, and instructor-led courses are intended to train the skills needed to be successful in the job role, a subset of which will be assessed on the exam. To start preparing, review the “Skills measured” section of the Exam Details page and evaluate your skills against what is being assessed on the exam. Practice until you no longer experience those challenges.

How do I schedule for a Microsoft 62-193 exam?

The exam can be schedule for non-students interested in technology at Pearson Vue and for students or instructors at Certiport.

What accommodations are available for candidates with disability?

Microsoft is ensures that exams are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

Microsoft 62-193 Exam Specifics FAQ

What types of questions are there on the Microsoft Certification exams?

Microsoft introduces innovative testing technologies and question types, so, they do not provide for the specific item types that will appear on a given exam.

Why there is use if case study exam format?

The case study exam format uses complex scenarios that more accurately simulate what professionals do on the job. However, scenario-based questions included in the case studies are designed to test your ability to identify the critical information needed to solve a problem and then analyze and synthesize it to make decisions.

Can we review the questions after completion of case study?

Yes, you may review the questions in a case study only after moving to the next case or section of the exam. After completing a case study and its associated questions, a review screen will appear.

How do we know if an exam has been updated when a new feature or function is added?

Microsoft reviews its exams every two months. However, any changes that affect the objective domain and the existing questions are incorporated into the exam. Moreover, inaccurate questions are removed from the exam and some items are modified with addition of new items. Microsoft has the right to update content to maintain the validity and relevance of certifications.

What is a short answer question in the Microsoft exam?

In the short answer question type there are questions that are solved by writing several lines of code in the available text-entry area. There you can choose from key word options which are provided for you to use in the code you write. However, after entering your code, you can check your syntax.

How many points are given for short answer questions?

The short answer questions are worth one point. However, if the question is worth more than one point, it is indicated as the number of points that it is worth in the question itself.

Is there any negative marking for wrong answer?

No, you are not penalized for answering incorrectly. As, for single-point items, you need to answer completely and correctly to be awarded the point. And, you don’t earn points for the parts of your response that are incorrect.

Can I review all of my answers before leaving a section or completing the exam?

Yes, you can review your answers to most questions. However, there are yes/no questions that describe a problem and a possible solution. And, you will not be able to review these questions answers. In addition, after you move to the next question in this set, you are not able to change your answer. These questions are preceded by an overview screen that provides this information, and each question includes a reminder that you cannot return to the question or change your answer after leaving it.

Microsoft Exam Scoring and Results FAQ

When and how will I get my exam results?

You will receive notification of your pass or fail status within a few minutes of completing your exam. In addition, you will receive a printed report that provides your exam score and feedback on your performance on the skill areas measured.

How do the score report look like?

The score report provides a numeric score for overall exam performance, pass/fail status, a bar chart showing performance on each skill area assessed on the exam, and details on how to interpret your results and next steps. Using this information, candidates can determine areas of strength and weakness.

Does the score report show a numerical score for each section?

The score reports do not show a numerical score for each section. The score reports provide an overall numerical score to reflect the pass/fail status only. As an alternative to providing a numerical score for each section, we provide score bars to show subject areas of strength and weakness.

How are exam scores calculated?

After you complete your exam, the points you earned on each question are summed and then compared with the cut score to determine whether the result is pass or fail.

If I receive the same score every time I retake the same exam, does this imply an error in the results computation?

No. Receiving the same score on multiple attempts does not indicate that the program computing the results is in error. It is not uncommon for candidates to obtain similar or identical scores on multiple attempts of an exam. This consistent result demonstrates the reliability of the exam in evaluating skills in this content domain. If this happens on multiple attempts, you may want to reconsider how you’re preparing for the exam and seek other opportunities to learn and practice the skills measured by the exam.

I passed my first Microsoft Certification exam (at Pearson VUE). Now what do I do?

Congratulations! To explore next steps and available benefits, see your benefits and exams dashboard. Sign in using the same Microsoft account you used to register for your exam.

If I do not pass, what can I do?

Prioritize the skills that you should practice by focusing on the content areas where your exam performance was the weakest and in the content areas that have the highest percentage of questions. Additionally, you may want to review the resources provided on the exam details page, and our Study Groups, which can be found at the bottom of the individual exam details page. When you are ready to retake the exam, schedule an appointment as you normally would. Note that you must pay for each exam you retake and follow Microsoft’s retake policy.

If I do not pass an exam, can I have a refund?

No. Microsoft does not offer refunds for exams you do not pass or exam appointments you miss.

Microsoft Performance-based Testing Based FAQ

What is performance-based testing (PBT)?

Performance-based testing gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills by completing tasks in the technology. Today, this means completing tasks in a graded lab, but in the future, PBT may take a different form. For example, for those of you who are currently performing the job role, Microsoft is exploring ways to incorporate the work that you do every day into our certification requirements. For those of you who are not in the job role yet, we’ll continue to have other ways for you to demonstrate your skills through portfolios and graded labs. Microsoft is constantly innovating to ensure that we assess your skills and abilities in ways that align with how you actually get your work done. To view the PBT tutorial video, click here.

How are tasks scored?

The tasks are scored on the end result. We do not care how you accomplish the tasks (for example, through the UI or using PowerShell commands)—only that you successfully accomplished the task. Complete the task as you normally would; the scoring script evaluates the end result on the key characteristics to determine if it was done correctly. For example, if the task was to add a user, the scoring script ensures that you added that user.

How many points is each task worth?

Most tasks are worth one point; if the task is worth more than one point, that information is provided in the task description.

How much time do I have to complete the labs?

Labs are not timed separately from the exam. At the beginning of the exam, the number of labs, case studies, and questions, as well as the exam time, will be provided. You must answer all questions, including completing tasks associated with any labs, in the time provided. Manage your time accordingly so that you can complete all activities that must be done.

When will I receive my score?

Labs take longer to score than traditional item types. Because the labs appear at the end of the exam, you may not get your result immediately. It can take 30 minutes or longer to receive a score. You do not have to wait for the score report. It will be passed automatically to our certification database and will show up in your MC dashboard. This should occur within 24 hours of the exam delivery. If it does not appear, please contact the MCP Support forum.

Do exams with performance-based questions take longer to complete?

Yes. These exams may take longer to complete than exams that do not contain performance-based items; however, our research suggests that most candidates complete tasks more quickly than they complete other item types. The amount of time allotted for each exam takes this into account.

Should I prepare for the performance-based exams differently than I prepare for other exams?

No. The skills measured remain the same regardless of the format of the question. The knowledge and skills assessed on the exam are listed in the “Skills measured” section of the exam details page. If you practice the skills, you’ll be prepared for any item type, including labs.

FAQ Academic pricing on exams

Can I get a refund if I initially registered and paid for an exam without verifying an academic discount, but I’m verified now?

No. If you decide to register and pay for an exam before you have verified your student status, you must pay commercial pricing and will not receive a refund. You must ensure that you are verified before completing your registration and payment.

Does my academic verification expire?

Yes. Your academic verification is only valid for 12 months. After 12 months, you need to repeat the verification process.

I’m an educator. Can I still receive an academic discount (in applicable countries) on my Microsoft Certification exam delivered with Pearson VUE?

Yes. You need to follow the same process as a student. In other words, you must select “Student” as your job function in your Microsoft account profile, and you must verify your status through the same process as a student.

Who do I contact for questions regarding the academic verification process for Microsoft Certification exams?

If you have general questions related to exam registration or questions specific to a new or pending verification request, please contact Certification Support.

62-193 exam faq

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