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Security is one of the indispensable aspects of any domain. And this applies to networking as well. Networking has to be secured with the proper implementation of principals and technology. The JNCDS-SEC JN0-1331 exam is a key to earn the certification for the skills and knowledge in Juniper Network designs and security. This exam will test the candidates for their competence with Juniper Network design principles and associated technologies. After completion, the students will be equipped with an in-depth comprehension of best practices, theory, and design principles for the networks.

About JNCP

The Juniper Certification Program (JNCP) provides certifications in various domains on Juniper Networks Technology. This program allows the candidates to showcase their caliber of taking up a job role that requires a specific skillset. These certifications are earned after the candidates pass the exams where they have to demonstrate in-depth comprehension of networking technology and configuration and troubleshooting abilities.

Who Should Take the JN0-1331?

The candidates who have an intermediate knowledge of network security, theory, and best practices should apply for this exam. This certification will be beneficial for the aspirants who are willing to make a career in network security and designing. The JN0-1331 certification will enhance the employability in the networking domain and strengthen the resume of the candidate.

Exam Details

Exam Name:Juniper Networks Certified Design Specialist Security (JNCDS-SEC)
Exam Number:JN0-1331
Mandatory Exam Prerequisites:JNCDA Certification
Administered By:Pearson VUE
Exam Duration:90 minutes
Number of Questions:65


To apply for this course, the candidates must have passed the Juniper Certified Design Associate (JNCDA) exam.


Get all your queries resolved. Leave no doubt unattended. For more details visit JNCDS-SEC JN0-1331 FAQ’s.

How to Register

Follow these steps to register for the exam –

  • Firstly, visit the Pearson Exam Registration.
  • Further, signup/Login to the Pearson VUE account.
  • Then, search for the JNCDS-SEC JN0-1331 Exam.
  • And finally, select the date, time, and confirm with the payment method.

Validity and Recertification

The JNCDS-SEC JN0-1331 certificate is valid for up to 3 years. After this period, the candidates must get themselves recertified by applying for this exam again.

Retake Policy

Once you finish the exam, the result status will be available immediately after comparing your score with the cut-off marks. If you fail to pass the exam, you can reappear for the exam at any time. However, after the second attempt, you will have to wait for a period of 14 days before reappearing for the exam. And for those who have passed the exam, have to wait for a minimum of 18 months before they reappear. This is generally for recertification purposes.

Course Outline

The JNCDS-SEC JN0-1331 is subdivided into the following major topics:

  • Firstly, Fundamental Security Concepts
  • Secondly, Advanced Security Concepts
  • Thirdly, securing the Campus and Branch
  • Further, securing the Enterprise WAN
  • Also, securing the Service Provider WAN
  • Then, securing the Data Center
  • Furthermore, security Automation and Management
  • Subsequently, security Virtualization
  • Lastly, High Availability

Preparatory Guide: JNCDS-SEC JN0-1331

To earn the JNCDS-SEC JN0-1331 certification, you have to clear the exam that requires an in-depth comprehension of all the topics mentioned in the syllabus. To prepare for this, it is essential to have the perfect strategy that covers every aspect of the exam in detail. This is where a prep guide comes in handy. You will need a defined set of steps to make sure all your efforts are in the right direction. A preparatory guide will help in giving the right start to the preparations and further maintain consistency throughout the preparation period. So, here is a preparatory guide that is developed by putting together a comprehensive break down of the preparation strategy into simpler steps.

Step 1 – Revise the Exam Objectives

First and foremost, a candidate must be aware of the objectives of the exam. These objectives help in understanding the demand for the exam. Once you know the objectives, you can make your efforts compact and precisely targeted towards the exam. This will increase efficiency and provide a smart approach to the preparations. If you can make your efforts revolve around these exam objectives, you can exponentially increase your chances of clearing the exam.

To know the objectives, it is advised to visit the official website of the JN0-1331 exam. The official site is the most authentic source of information about the exams. Moreover, you should keep yourself updated with the information that gets posted on this site.


Here we are providing the exam objectives for your reference. Revise them thoroughly and keep these in mind while preparing for the exam.

  • Firstly, describe the various tenets of common security features – Access control lists, Stateful security, policies, ALG’s, IPS, UTM, NAT, IPsec, Next-generation firewall, Screen
  • Secondly, describe advanced security features – Security intelligence (e.g., cloud security, Sky ATP, JATP), Advanced anti-malware, Defense-in-depth.
  • Thirdly, Describe the security design considerations within a campus or branch network – Network segmentation (e.g., SDSN), Network Access, Wireless, 802.1X, Remote access VPN’s, Remote access VPN’s, NAT, End-to-end security, BYOD
  • Then, describe the security design considerations for an enterprise WAN – Internet edge security design principles, WAN aggregation, Private WAN, VPNs
  • Further, describe the security design considerations for a service provider WAN – DoS/DDoS attacks, Securing the control plane, Internet security, CG-NAT
  • Also, describe the security design considerations in a data center – Securing data center interconnects, Securing North-South flows, Securing East-West flows, Virtual routers
  • Subsequently, describe the design considerations for security management – Securing the individual devices, Centralized security, Junos Space management platform, Junos Space Security Director and Log Director, Juniper Secure Analytics
  • Additionally, describe the design considerations for automating security – Simplifying deployment, On-box automation, Off-box automation
  • Furthermore, describe the security design considerations for a virtualized environment – NFV, Service chaining, Micro-segmentation, vSRX
  • And lastly, describe the design considerations of high availability in a secure network – Physical high availability, Virtual high availability, Asymmetrical traffic handling, Chassis clustering.

Step 2 – Study Resources

After completely understanding the exam objectives, the next step is to start studying for the exam. For this, you will need the study resources. As we know, the internet is full of variety and options for a single search query. However, it is very important to refer only to the authentic resources. This is to avoid any incorrect information, stats, details, or facts about a particular topic. Thus, you should always rely on the official study resources. You can follow these recommended resources to help you with the preparations –

Step 3 – Junos Genius

Junos Genius is a digital platform for learning and preparations. This can be accessed via desktop, mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms. Junos Genius provides a convenient way of providing the study material to the aspirants from anywhere around the globe, at any point in time. You will get study resources, E-learning programs designed by the experts of Juniper Technologies.

Step 4 – Practice Test

The final stage of the preparation is testing your efforts with practice tests. This one step will give you a clear picture of where you stand in your journey from preparation to getting certified. These tests are developed to give you an exact feel of giving the exam. At testpreptraining, you will get practice tests that are a compilation of unique questions of different difficulty levels. With these tests, you can introspect yourself and make the corrections in the preparations accordingly. The strengths and weaknesses will come out clearly and you will know what are the areas of concern. Furthermore, these practice tests will also boost your self-belief while you head towards the actual exam. So, be quick to enroll yourself for a free practice test.