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Information Storage and Management (E05-001) Online Tutorial

The Information Storage and Management (E05-001) certification is designed for candidates who want to make their careers in the Information Storage and Management domain. The Dell EMC Certified Associate – Information Storage and Management exam checks that the candidate possesses the elemental knowledge and proven skills in Dell EMC DECA-ISM. Moreover, this exam focuses on information storage and management in a data center. Therefore, we are here to help you out to find all the information from exam details to study resources to help you ace your exam.

Exam Details

The Information Storage and Management (E05-001) exam details are as follow:

Exam NameInformation Storage and Management (DECA-ISM)
Exam CodeE05-001
Exam Price$200 (USD)
Duration90 minutes
Number of Questions60
Passing Score61%

E05-001: Information Storage and Management Interview Questions

E05-001 Interview Questions (1)

Schedule your Exam

  • Firstly, the exam is held by Pearson, visit and create an account.
  • However, if you already have one, sign in and select the test center and time slot.
  • Further, after creating an account and signing in follow the steps on the website.

Exam Retake Policy

  • If you do not pass an exam on your first attempt, you must wait for 7 days to retake the exam.
  • If you do not pass an exam on your second attempt, you must wait for at least 2 weeks.
  • Lastly, if you need to retake an exam that you have already passed in order to fulfill a certification track requirement, you may do so after 3 months.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a future exam appointment less than 24 hours in advance is subject to a same-day forfeit exam fee.

Getting Your Exam Results From Dell Technologies

After taking the exam, you will receive an email from Dell Technologies Education Services showing that your exam results are available in your CertTracker account. Please support 3 business days for this email.

Exam session rules

  • You must be fully clothed throughout your entire exam
  • You must stay within your webcam view
  • A beverage in any container is allowed, but no food or smoking
  • You cannot get up and walk around
  • No one can enter your testing environment
  • You cannot leave your testing environment
  • You cannot move your webcam once your testing session has started
  • Mumbling or speaking out loud will lead to a warning
  • Lastly, Headphones and headsets (wired or Bluetooth) are not allowed unless explicitly approved by your test sponsor

On Exam Day

  1. Prepare your testing space: Clean off your desk or workspace. Make sure there is no paper, books or other clutter.
  2. Prepare your computer: Disconnect any additional monitors and be sure to close all other open applications. Don’t forget to perform the system test, too!
  3. Check-in for your exam: You can begin the check in process up to 30 minutes prior to your appointment.

For More: Check Information Storage and Management (E05-001) FAQs

Information Storage and Management (E05-001) FAQs

Course Outline

  • Data Center Infrastructure (15%)
    • Introduction to information storage
    • Third platform technologies
    • Data center environment
  • Storage Systems (29%)
    • Intelligent storage systems
    • Block-based storage systems
    • File-based storage system
    • Object-based and unified storage system
    • Software-defined storage
  • Storage Networking Technologies (20%)
    • Fibre Channel SAN
    • Internet Protocol SAN
    • Fibre Channel over Ethernet SAN
  • Backup, Archive, and Replication (23%)
    • Introduction to business continuity
    • Backup and Archive
    • Replication
  • Security and Management Replication (13%)
    • Securing storage infrastructure
    • Managing storage infrastructure

Information Storage and Management (E05-001) Study Guide

An exam like Information Storage and Management (E05-001) requires a lot of understanding and dedication. There are many resources available online as well as offline that provide you with the right guidance and training. But it is necessary to choose the right resource to save your time and prepare with the best to qualify for this examination. Moreover, this study guide has provided you with a handful of resources and expert-revised practice tests.

Information Storage and Management (E05-001) Study Guide

Getting familiar with the Course Outline

  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Storage Systems
  • Storage Networking Technologies
  • Backup, Archive, and Replication
  • Security and Management Replication

Study Resources

  • Online Training: Dell Technologies provides you with their online training courses. Although, not necessary but online training is highly recommended by experts as well as qualified aspirants.
  • Textbooks: Following are some highly recommended textbooks for preparation
    • Information Storage and Management v3 (MR-1CP-ISMv3)
    • Information Storage and Management v3 – Online ILT (MR-1LPISMv3)
    • ISM v3 eLearning series (Module1-16)
    • Information Storage and Management v3 – Video ILT (MR-1TPISMv3-1504)
  • Sample Questions: The purpose of this Sample Question Set is to provide you with information about the Dell EMC Information Storage Management exam. These sample questions will make you very familiar with both the type and the difficulty level of the questions on the certification test.
  • Try Practice Exam: To get familiar with our online practice test platform, we request you to try our sample Information Storage and Management certification practice exam. The sample practice test is designed to help you understand the nature of real exam environment.

Join Study Groups

Joining online study groups is that the best choice to organize for any examination. These groups provide you with expert guidance and complete detailed knowledge for any exam. This helps saves some time and provides you a platform to debate your doubts together with your mentors and peers. These study groups have proved to help aspirants to improve their time management skills and motivate them to work hard to score better. Moreover, having a professional’s guidance helps to stay you updated with any changes falling in any examination.

Practice Tests

While preparing for any examination the most important step is to take Practice tests. These tests don’t only assist you to see your preparation level, build your confidence and time management but also assist you to urge conversant in differing types of questions that are frequently asked in the examination. Moreover, you can take our practice test right now, which consists of questions from basic to advanced levels in a systematic manner.

Information Storage and Management (E05-001) Practice Test