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Designing & Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure

The need for professionals who have expertise in machine learning is growing day by day. So as to get entry in this field exams like Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure (DP-100) by Microsoft has occupied the mind of IT generation. The future of machine learning is something that is beyond imagination both in terms of technology and fortune. Every organization now requires professional candidates that can handle the machines professionally and are effective in managing operations whilst reducing time wastage.

If machine learning also excites you and you wish to go deeper into knowing the things the DP-100 exam by Microsoft can be the best option for you to secure position into this sector. The Machine Learning sector has become quite competitive over years. So, you ought to work very hard to get to the top and grab the spotlight. This page is the complete preparatory guide for DP-100 exam. let us get underway!

What is Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure (DP-100) exam?

what is the exam about

The Azure Data Scientist applies their knowledge of data science and machine learning to implement and run machine learning workloads on Azure; in particular, using Azure Machine Learning Service. This entails planning and creating a suitable working environment for data science workloads on Azure, running data experiments and training predictive models, managing and optimizing models, and deploying machine learning models into production.

Exam overview

DP-100 exam consists of almost 40-60 questions which have t be answered in 180 minutes. the cost of taking the exam is $165 however, the prices may vary from place to place. Candidates must note that that the questions must be expected in different formats like multiple choice, multiple select, case studies and fill in the blanks. The DP-100 exam is available in 4 different languages – English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. You can take the exam through online mode by creating an account on Microsoft.  There is no prerequisite for the exam the passing score for the exam is 700/1000.


DP-100 Exam Details

Name of the examDesigning and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure
Code of the examDP-100
No. of questions40-60
Format of questionsmultiple choice, multiple select, case studies and fill in the blanks
Cost of exam$165
Duration of exam180 minutes
Languages availableEnglish, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese
passing score700/1000

Registration policy

registration policy

Follow the steps written below to register for the exam:

  • Go to the Microsoft site and find your certificate in the list. Then select schedule exam, to register.
  • If the certificate will be available for your country then you will be able to select the exam during the registration process.
  • You will also select the language of the greeter, proctor, and proctoring software.

Microsoft DP-100 Exam Result Policy

In order to pass the exam you have to score 700 out of 1000 points. however, if you did not score 700 marks they you will not qualify the exam. You can easily view your marks after completing your exam. however, if you want the detailed statement of your result then you have to wait for at least 5 business days. your score card will reflect the detailed result portion wise.

Microsoft DP-100 Sample Certificate

DP-100 Exam retake policy

As per Microsoft, their policy related to retaking of the exam is as follows:

  • If you are unable to pass the exam in first attempt, the you must at least wait 24 hours before retaking the exam. You cannot retake the exam if you achieve a passing score.
  • If you fail to pass the exam in second attempt too, then you must wait for a period not less than 14 days, in order to retake the exam. This is the same process for the failure in third, fourth or fifth attempt.
  • You will not be allowed to give the exam more than 5 times a year. This year, 12-month period starts on your failure on 5th attempt. If you wish to give the exam more than 5 months a year then you have to contact Microsoft.

Academic Pricing Policy

Academic pricing on Microsoft Certified Professional exams is available in most countries (except India and China). You must verify your student status before scheduling your exam in order to be eligible for academic pricing.

academic pricing

Applying student status through your account profile

  • Sign in with your Microsoft account credentials.
  • Select Profile settings from the Account menu at the top of the page.
  • In the Job function menu, select, or ensure that you have selected, “Student.”
  • Look for the academic pricing notice that appears next to the Job function menu. If your student status has not yet been validated, click “Get verified” to verify your status.

Applying student status when registering for an exam

  • Sign in with your Microsoft account credentials.
  • On the exam for which you want to register, click Schedule exam.
  • On the Confirm your exam registration details page, ensure that the Job function field displays “Student – Verified.” If it does not, click “Get verified” to validate your status, or click Edit to change your status.

Verifying your academic status

Select the method you wish to use to verify your status. The methods include:

  • School-issued email account
  • School network credentials
  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
  • Verification code from a Microsoft representative or your institution’s administrator
  • Documentation

Other exam policies

You can refer to the official site of Microsoft for the exam policies and other terms and conditions. Make sure to properly read all the terms and conditions so that you do not miss out on anything important for taking the exam.


You can visit: DP-100 FAQs to know more.

Microsoft Exam DP-100 Course Outline

The most important step when you start preparing for an exam is getting to know completely about the syllabus. The detailed syllabus for DP-100 exam is as follows along with the compositions of topics in the exam:

Design and prepare a machine learning solution (20–25%)

Design a machine learning solution

Manage an Azure Machine Learning workspace

Manage data in an Azure Machine Learning workspace

Manage compute for experiments in Azure Machine Learning

Explore data and train models (35–40%)

Explore data by using data assets and data stores

Create models by using the Azure Machine Learning designer

Use automated machine learning to explore optimal models

Use notebooks for custom model training

Tune hyperparameters with Azure Machine Learning

Prepare a model for deployment (20–25%)

Run model training scripts

Implement training pipelines

Manage models in Azure Machine Learning

Deploy and retrain a model (10–15%)

Deploy a model

Apply machine learning operations (MLOps) practices

Microsoft Exam DP-100 Study Guide

study guide

Your preparation marks how well you will pass the exam. there are numerous resources which you can choose from. But be very careful while choosing as this will determine how well you have gained the conceptual understanding. The certification checks your competency for a job so, you must be really handy with the practical application of the theoretical concepts. Let us have a look at handful of resources:

The official site

Official site is the most authentic source for the information about the exam. make sure that you visit official site to collect all the information and terms and conditions about the exam. Microsoft recommends a free online course and a paid instructor led course for preparation of DP-100 exam. you can find both of them on the official page related to the DP-100 certification. The courses recommended by Microsoft is as follows:

Online course:

Build AI solutions with Azure Machine Learning

Instructor led course:

Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure



Books are the best valued resources for preparation. You can pick any book that suits your level of understanding. You can pick multiple books too as they will help to verify the content as well and you will get variety of content too. You can buy the books from book stores or can go to libraries. Also, you can refer to the online documentation from Microsoft which is mentioned above with the syllabus. you can refer to books as :

Exam DP-100: Azure Data Scientist Associate 48 Test Prep Questions

Self-study strategy

Your self-study strategy will help you to get an edge over others by improving your quality. You need to prepare your own timetable and follow that as strictly as you can. This will help in determining the week portions of your study and let you know if the resources you choose were beneficial for you or not. Apart from studying through your classes this type of self-assessment can help in boosting your confidence. Prepare a proper strategy and classify the topics into the one that require practical testing and other that are theoretical. Always try to prioritize your study time over other activities.  

Practice papers and sample tests

Practicing more and more will help you score better. The more you practice the more your concepts will be clear and higher will be chances for you to be preferred candidate for the job. There ae many reliable sites that prove you with reliable content and 100% exam pass guarantee. You can try a free practice test now! Practicing will make your concepts stronger and will help in identification of your loopholes. So, make sure you practice as much as possible and through every way.


Online trainings and instructor led trainings

These are the best way of preparing for the exam whilst developing your concepts. The training sessions are delivered by the world class professors who have excelled in this field so you will get trained in the best possible way. They also help in clearing your doubts and provide you with good quality notes along with the regular tests.