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  • an intelligent cloud data service to visually explore, clean, and prepare data for analysis and machine learning.
  • Use to explore and transform raw data from disparate and/or large datasets into clean and structured data for further analysis and processing.
  • Automatic Anomaly detection in schema, type, distributions and missing/mismatched values.
  • Performs Predictive transformation to interpret the data transformation intent of a user’s data selection.
  • Offers Rich transformations or hundreds of transformation functions
  • Offers Parameterization if executing a recipe across multiple instances of identical datasets
  • Has Collaboration for team environments
  • Utilize columnar pattern matching to identify data patterns of interest
  • Group values by similarities based on spelling or language-independent pronunciation.
  • Offers visual representations to interpret large volumes of data.
  • Automatically generate samples for performance optimization
  • Enables to schedule recipes execution in flows on a recurring or as-needed basis.
  • Recipes done using wrangler or automatic suggestions can be used
  • Can define target schemas, through imported or created datasets, and assign to an existing recipe to systematize and speed up wrangling efforts.
  • Supports common data types – structured or unstructured datasets in CSV, JSON, or relational table formats.
  • Integrated with Google Cloud Platform