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Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) FAQs

What is CBAP certification?

CBAP – Certified Business Analysis Professional certification is suitable for professional are business analyst experienced, who are leaders and senior member of the BA community. This certification is for individual having a deep understanding and experience in business analysis.

What are the benefits of CBAP certification?

1. There is huge demand for Business Analyst, this has created an increase in difficulty level for this post. Being certified in CBAP will provide you professional level experience to get hired more quickly than any other non-certified. 2. According to a survey there is 15-16% increase in salary for CBAP candidates and provide better growth. 3. Business analysis is becoming the fastest growing IT occupation field among top companies.

I am fresher, is CBAP certification good for me?

If you are fresher then you are not applicable for CBAP certification. You need to have years of experience in business analysis. It is recommended to go for ECBA certification.

I have 5 years of sales experience, which certification is best CCBA or CBAP?

No, sales experience will not be counted for these two certifications. You need Business analysis experience for these both certifications.

Who is best suitable for CBAP exam?

CBAP exam is best for Product managers, trainers, Hybrid Business analysis professionals including Testers, designers, Project manager and the individuals who have CBAP designation.

What is the eligibility requirement for CBAP certification?

Candidate must have completed minimum 7500 hours of Business analysis training in the past 10 years and also 900 hours in 2 of the 6 BABOK Guide knowledge areas. It is also required to have 35 hours of Professional development training within 4 years.

What is the application fee for CBAP exam?

The application fee is $125 USD including taxes.

What is the time duration for CBAP exam?

You will be given 3.5 hours to do 120 questions in the exam.

Do i need to be IIBA members to apply for certification?

No, you can apply for the certification without becoming a member. Benefit of becoming a member is that you will get a good discount and will save money.

How do i prepare for CBAP certification?

CCBA certification introduced by IIBA covers the experience level knowledge and skills required for a professional Business analyst based on the company standards. Candidates applying for the exam should have advanced working experience in the field of Business analyst. When starting to prepare for the exam, 1. Start looking for exam pattern and prepare a blueprint mentioning the topics weightage so that you can focus on the important topics. 2. You can also join online course which will provide you study material with a bulk of questions to practice. 3. The advantage will be that if you will face issue in anything there will be experts always there to help.

Is it possible to reschedule the exam?

Yes, you can reschedule the exam by logging into the PSI site and then click on cancel or reschedule. This process has to be done 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Why audit is required for the certifications?

Audit process are done to validate application which include references provided, work experience and professional development as mentioned in the candidates application. If in any case you are not able to pass the audit process then you will be communicated through email and this means that you application will not be approved for next process.

What does extenuating circumstance means?

It can be defined as an event that would lead you to request for reschedule or cancel the exam at no cost or to request for application extension.

When will I receive my exam certificate?

After passing the exam you will receive a confirmation email from IIBA and within 2 weeks you will receive the Certificate on your email.

What is the difference between a Professional Certification and a Certificate?

Professional certification is for those having deep understanding and working experience in the field they are applying.CCBA is a professional certification exam for Business analyst. Whereas certificate is for the candidate who are new in the field or an entry level exam like ECBA is a beginner level certification exam.

Can I use previously entered work experience and/or professional development hours toget eligible for higher level certification?

Yes you can use the previous work experience or professional development working hours to move to higher level.

Do i need to pass ECBA and CCBA to apply for CBAP certification?

No, you can directly apply for CBAP certification but you need to have more than 5 years of experience in Business analyst.

How many Professional development units you will receive after CBAP certification?

You will get 35 PDUs from IIBA training after CBAP certification.

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