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Certified Blockchain Architect™ FAQ

This Certified Blockchain Architect™ certification provides you with the right exposure to gain command of making effective decisions related to several blockchain projects. As a Certified Blockchain Architect you will get an edge in designing and building Blockchain-based solutions for enterprises and businesses. So candidates planning to take the Certified Blockchain Architect™ certification exam, must check out the Certified Blockchain Architect™ FAQ. This will help you gain a better understanding of the certification exam.

Top Certified Blockchain Architect™ FAQ

What is Certified Blockchain Architect™?

A Certified Blockchain Architect™ is a professional having a good understanding in Blockchain technology and can develop Blockchain applications for business purposes. This certification will help you get practical knowledge of Blockchain technology. You will attain hands-on proficiency in crafting the guidelines and structure of the blockchain system efficiently, according to the given requirements.

Is there any training recommended by Blockchain Council to take the Certified Blockchain Architect™ exam?

The Blockchain Council has designed a well-structured Instructor-led Training for the in-depth understanding of the candidates in Blockchain technology – Certified Blockchain Architect™ Instructor-Led Training

What does a Blockchain Architect do?

Blockchain Experts work closely with product teams to designing and building Blockchain-based solutions for enterprises and businesses.

What is a Private Blockchain?

Private Blockchain is delivered among group of known participants or within an organization. These can be secured the same way as the firewall or VPN.

What are the E-books recommended for the Certified Blockchain Architect Exam?

The three important books recommended by Blockchain Council for the exam are –

What type of questions does the exam include?

The Certified Blockchain Architect™ exam will include multiple choice and multiple response questions.

How many times can I give the exam?

You can only give this certification exam for no more than 3 times.

What is the retake policy of the exam?

The exam can be retaken after 24 hours of the previous attempt.

When will this certification expire?

The certification is valid for a lifetime; there is no need to renew.

How much does the Certified Blockchain Architect™ exam cost?

This exam will cost you $99 USD including additional taxes.

What are the course domains of the exam?

The following 6 domains are covered under the Certified Blockchain Architect™ Exam –

  • Blockchain Architecture Basics
  • Tools required for Blockchain Architecture
  • Developing your own Network Nodes
  • Architecting your own Blockchain Solution

What is the time duration for the exam?

You will get 2-3 hours to complete the exam.

Are there any prerequisites for exam?

No, there are no prerequisites for Certified Blockchain Architect™ certification exam. You can directly appear for this certification exam without any past experience.

What is the Delivery Mode of the Exam?

The exam can be taken up remotely online.

What is the knowledge required for Certified Blockchain Architect™?

Candidates applying for this certification are recommended to have basic computer knowledge and understanding of Bit coin and Blockchain technology.

What is the difference between CBE and CBD?

Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE) is a non-technical certification that will provide you with all the knowledge about Blockchain certification whereas CBD will provide technical knowledge about the Blockchain.