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CCC Cloud Technology Associate FAQs

What is CCC Cloud Technology Associate Exam?

CCC Cloud Technology Associate is a foundation-level certification that qualifies candidates the background, concepts, ideas, and terminology of Cloud Computing. Professionals benefit from studying technical challenges, mitigation measures, and the steps required for successful cloud adoption. This certification is a significant step to advance the candidate’s career as organizations look for qualified Cloud Technology Associates. 

Is there any prerequisite for the Cloud Technology Associate exam?

There are no formal prerequisites. However, it is recommended that you attain the Cloud Technology Associate Certification (or its equivalent) from the Cloud Credential Council, and/or that you are conversant with cloud concepts and vocabulary.

How many questions will be there in Cloud Technology Associate Exam?

There will be 40 questions that need completion in a time frame of 60 minutes.

What is the course outline for the exam?

The main areas to focus on the exam are – 1: Course introduction 2: Introduction to cloud services model 3:  Introduction to Virtualization: The Backbone Technology of Cloud Computing 4: The Role of Cloud and Other Technologies in Digital Transformation 5: Cloud Security, Risk, Compliance and Governance 6: Preparing for Cloud Adoption

How much the Cloud Technology Associate exam will cost?

The exam will cost you $549 USD including the additional taxes.

What is the time duration for the exam?

You will get 60 minutes to complete the Cloud Technology Associate exam.

What are the languages available for Cloud Technology Associate Exam?

This exam is available only in the English language.

What is passing score for Cloud technology Associate exam?

You have to score minimum of 65% to pass the certification exam.

What is the format of the CCC Cloud Technology Associate exam?

The questions of the CCC Cloud Technology Associate exam are available in the form of multiple choice.

Who is the target audience for this exam?

It is directed at IT specialists, managers, and solution consultants. Other specialists who would profit include IT administrators or those involved with provisioning and maintenance.

Is it possible to book the exam directly with EXIN?

Yes, in most parts of the world you can book and take your exam directly with EXIN.

What are the ways to book my exam with EXIN?

With EXIN there are 2 different ways to take your exam:

1. Accredited Exam Organization

2. EXIN Anywhere Video Recorded exam 

3. EXIN Anywhere Video Proctored exam 

What is the difference between live proctored and video proctored EXIN Anywhere exam?

In the case of Video Proctoring, a recording will be made to objectively judge your exam performance after you have taken it. With Live Proctoring, a proctor monitors you in real-time whilst you take the exam.

Can I reschedule my Cloud Technology Associate exam?

Yes. However, scheduling policy varies depending on the way you take the exam.

How can I reschedule the exam?

For Accredited Exam Organization – you need to contact them directly if you are unable to take your scheduled exam

For EXIN Anywhere Video Recorded exam –you do not need to schedule for a specific date or time as you have 21 days in which you can take the exam at any time convenient to you. 

For EXIN Anywhere Video Proctored exam – you can reschedule up to 24 hours before the exam was planned to take place.

How many questions do I need to answer correctly to pass my exam?

The number of questions you need to answer correctly is expressed as a percentage.

Can I retake the failed exam?

Candidates are allowed to retake the exam the same day. However, EXIN advices candidates to take extra time to prepare.

How can I access my Candidate Portal?

You will receive login details for your Candidate Portal, right after your EXIN exam. In your Candidate Portal, you can book exams, download a soft copy of your certificate, or order your digital badge.

Where can I find an EXIN Accredited Training Organization?

EXIN Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) can provide you with training before the exam. EXIN recommends taking part in training for every exam. For most exams above foundation level, training is mandatory.

When will I receive my exam results?

If you have taken your exam through EXIN Anywhere, your temporary result will be provided immediately

Can I review my results?

You can review the exam no later than two months after the date of the exam result notification. If you took the exam with one of our Accredited Exam Centers, please contact them directly.

Is there any additional fee for this service?

Yes candidates have to pass an additional fee in order to review the results.

How can I use my exam voucher?

There are instructions for how to redeem your voucher on the voucher itself. Candidates can refer to Candidate Voucher Guide for more detailed information. 

What should I keep in mind while taking an online proctored exam?

It is important that you follow certain rules. For instance, you need to be alone in the room where you take the exam and you are not allowed to leave your desk during the exam. For more detailed information, read EXIN Anywhere terms and conditions.

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