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Capacity is the amount of resources needed to run service or services for fulfilling the requirement.

In computing it could be RAM capacity/ storage capacity or computing capability

Capacity planning involves planning capacity to address future and present needs and it involves steps as

Step 1 : Bottom-Up Capacity

Analyze current system capacity

Step 2 : Primary Drivers

Figure out present resource usage and their utilization.

Step 3 : Theoretical Minimum Capacity

Deduce the minimum capacity needed in present setup  or  for tasks the system is accomplishing

Step 4 : Past Predicts Future

Use past capacity changes for requirement fulfilment

Step 5 : Assumptions

Focus on assumptions for future systems and their designs. Also, include risks to be taken in  terms of  assumptions made.

Step 6 : Risks

Mitigate or accept risks as part of the capacity planning. Mitigation is done  by addressing the risk and acceptance is resolved by making suitable provisions as applicable with aim of lowest cost for resolution. At least plan for long term for resources like 3/5 years.


Develop a backup plan