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C_SM100_7208 tutorial

Certifications have started playing a key role in professional and individual advancement. Corporates are in continuous need for skilled professionals equipped with the right set of resources and technical knowledge to perform well on the job. Indeed, certifications not only helps you to develop and grow but also shows your commitment towards your own aspirations and goals. SAP C_SM100_7208 – SAP Certified Technology Associate certification exam is one of those certifications that will help you to validate your knowledge about the mandatory and managed system configuration of the SAP Solution Manager.

An organization always seeks for the individual who is enthusiast enough to grow and develop. Certifications, no doubt, help to make you the preferred candidate for the job. But you need to have the right resources in order to crack the certification. We have curated an online platform that will help you with all the information and study resources that will help you prepare better and evaluate your learning. So before we begin our preparation lets first look into the basic details of the exam.

About C_SM100_7208 – SAP Certified Technology Associate Exam

SAP C_SM100_7208 certification exam validates that the candidate knows about the mandatory and managed system configuration of the SAP Solution Manager, including infrastructure. This exam also validates that the candidate can describe the various activities, functions and features that belong to the area of operations of the SAP Solution Manager solution.

Exam Overview

  • Exam Name: SAP Solution Manager, Mandatory and Managed System Configuration (7.2 SPS8)
  • Exam Code: C_SM100_7208
  • Number of Questions: 40
  • Length of Time:  90 minutes
  • Exam Cost: $599 USD
  • Exam Language: English

How to register for the SAP Exam?

To register for the exam, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to https://training.sap.com/ to Registers or login
  • Select the certification you want to buy and add that to basket.
  • Purchase the exam by making payment and then you will also get the access to the learning hub.
  • When you will go to the learning hub, it will show a dashboard with your purchased exam and status. You can schedule your exam here.

Rules for Registration in Asia-Pacific Region

The rules of registering for SAP certification are considerably different in the countries located in Asia-Pacific region that includes India. This difference is important and has to be discussed in more details because it directly influences the overall cost of becoming a certified SAP specialist.

  • To appear for the associate level certification without attending any SAP course you need a minimum of 1 (one) year of SAP implementation experience or 2 (two) years of support experience with a minimum of 6 (six) months experience in the module and version of SAP in which you are going to get certified.
  • The last year of your work experience should be with your present employer.
  • Your present employer should be either a customer or a partner of SAP.

Exam Policies

We shall now list some of the important exam policies –

Re-certification Policy

SAP certifications are valid for 3 years. To renew your certifications, you have to pass delta or stay current assessments when a newer version of a solution is released.

Retake Policy

Candidates can take the exam up to three times in one release of the exam. If the candidate does not pass the exam after three attempts, then he/she have to re-register for the next release of the exam. If a candidate does not pass the next release after three attempts then, they will not be able to retake the exam until the next edition is released, that is within 1 year.

C_SM100_7208 – SAP Certified Technology Associate FAQ

To know more about the exam, visit: SAP Certified Technology Associate – C_SM100_7208 – FAQs

C_SM100_7208 - SAP Certified Technology Associate FAQs

Course Structure

The SAP C_SM100_7208 stuyd guide covers the following topics:

1. SAP EarlyWatch Reports and Service Level Reporting > 12%

  • Unit 9 and Unit 16: Explain the SAP EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) Concept and Configuration, perform the manual Creation of an SAP EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) Report Configure Service Level Report. Produce Service Level Report and explain how to access Service Level Reports (SLR). (SAP Reference: SAP EarlyWatch Alert in SAP Solution Manager)

2. Managed Systems Configuration > 12%

  • Unit 6: Explain how to prepare the Managed Systems configuration and perform the Managed Systems configuration. Explain the available user interfaces for SAP Solution Manager and customization. (SAP Reference: Managed Systems Configuration)

3. SAP Solution Manager Enviroment and SAP Solution Manager Sizing 8% – 12%

  • Unit 1 and Unit 3: Describe the Application Lifecycle Management with SAP Solution Manager, Managing Authorizations in SAP Solution Manager. Describe the sizing considerations for SAP Solution Manager, describe the installation and upgrade of an SAP Solution Manager system (SAP Reference: Application Lifecycle Management)

4. SAP Solution Manager System Landscape Design 8% – 12%

  • Unit 2: Explain the SAP Solution Manager architecture and a typical SAP Solution Manager landscape. Explain the Agent Infrastructure and planning of the Agent Infrastructure. Planning the SAP Solution Manager Landscape (SAP Reference: solution manager architecture)

5. SAP Solution Manager Configuration 8% – 12%

  • Unit 5: Describe the prerequisites for the Solution Manager configuration and explain the Guided Procedures for configuration of SAP Solution Manager. Perform the system preparation, infrastructure preparation and basic configuration. (SAP Reference: SAP Solution Manager)

6. Change Management 8% – 12%

  • Unit 11: Explain the functions and prerequisites of the Maintenance Planner. Planning a system update in Maintenance Planner. Explain the License Management function and System Recommendations function. (SAP Reference: Maintenance Planner)

7. Job Management 8% – 12%

  • Unit 12: Explain the Job Request and perform the Job Documentation function. Perform the scheduling configuration Explain how to Monitor Background Jobs and analyze Background Processing with SAP Solution Manager. (SAP Reference: Job Documentation)

8. System and Application Monitoring and Dashboards 8% – 12%

  • Unit 14 and Unit 15: Explain MAI Architecture and features. Explain the Monitoring Template concept and configuration. Explain Alert Inbox, System Monitoring functions, Dashboards and Solution Manager Mobile Architecture. (SAP Reference:  SAP Architecture)

9. System Landscape Management (SLD, LMDB) and Process Management (SOLADM, SOLDOC) 8% – 12%

  • Unit 4 and Unit 8: Describe Functions and Consumers of the System Landscape Directory (SLD), describe how to synchronize data to the Landscape Management Database (LMDB). Explain the Solution Administration and Solution Documentation function. Explain the Solution, the Logical Component Group, Logical Component and the Landscape Model. (SAP Reference: System Landscape Directory Use)

Preparation guide for C_SM100_7208 – SAP Certified Technology Associate

There are unlimited resources available for SAP C_SM100_7208 exam preparation which are available for the prescribed syllabus. Always remember that the resources that you will choose will make the difference. Clearing the exam will be easier if you choose the right set of resources. You can refer to the official book –

C_SM100_7208 guide

Reference Book by SAP


Books are ultimate, the first resource that comes to our mind when we start thinking about the preparation of any exam. For this particular exam, we do not have many books available. SAP has given its official book which can be used while preparing for the exam. However, you can also resort to private notes provided by coaching centers as other options or can prepare your own readings at your convenience. The link for the official book is given below –  


Online classes and Instructor led trainings

The SAP C_SM100_7208 training is also an easily accessible resource for preparation. Many platforms provide various different types of courses from which you can choose that provide you with complete understanding and conceptual clarity. They provide interactive classes in which you can clear your doubts easily. The instructor-led training is prepared by experts in the subject matter which can really help to master the concepts. You can visit the official site for the exam for SAP C_SM100_7208 syllabus and other detailed information.

Self-study Strategy

Prepare your own unique strategy for studying and make sure you follow your timetable strictly. Self-study is the only thing that will take your preparation to next level. This will help you to correct your silly mistakes and increase your speed. This is the best way to access yourself and feel self-confident.

SAP Community

You can read blogs provided on the internet. You can also ask your doubts about the cloud communities without any hesitation. Cloud communities are the group of people who have cleared the exam of similar interest. You can even form the groups with the people who have the same interest and wants to crack the same exam to pool resources and other advantages. Join the SAP community Now!

Evaluate yourself with Practice Test!

Start your preparation with practice papers and an expert guide to crack C_SM100_7208 – SAP Certified Technology Associate exam. The SAP C_SM100_7208 practice exam tests will help in identifying weak areas in your preparation. Once you are done with your preparation, evaluate your skills and be confident to take the exam. You should keep taking practice tests frequently so that you can work on the weak parts and improve them. They help you measure your performance and give direction to your preparation. Start practicing – Try SAP C_SM100_7208 free practice test now!

C_SM100_7208 practice tests
Upgrade your skills and unleash your potential by cracking the C_SM100_7208 – SAP Certified Technology Associate Exam. Start Preparing now!