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C_GRCAC_10 - SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Business Objects Access Control 10.0

SAP is known to provide world-class skills and knowledge in multiple areas available in the market. The “SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0” certification aims to authenticate the fundamental knowledge and required skill set in the area of SAP BusinessObjects Access Control. This is an entry-level qualification that allows the consultants to get acquainted with SAP BusinessObjects Access Control projects.

Exam Goals

The goal of this certification is to authenticate your skills and knowledge related to SAP BusinessObjects Access Control. As, with the completion of this course, it will be proved that the candidate has a good overall understanding within this consultant profile, and can implement this knowledge practically in projects under the guidance of an experienced consultant. It is recommended to combine educational courses and hands-on experience to prepare for your certification exam as questions will test your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained in training.

Exam Details 

You will be notified about your score online immediately on the completion of the exam. After passing the exam, an SAP Global Certification digital badge will be sent to you via email. This digital badge can easily be shared through your social networks.

  • Exam Name: SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0
  • Exam Code: C_GRCAC_10
  • Number of Questions: 80
  • Length of Time:  180 minutes
  • Exam Cost: $599 USD
  • Exam Language: English

Exam Registration

To register for the SAP Certified Application Associate C_GRCAC_10 exam, follow the below mentioned steps

  • Buy a subscription to Certification Hub by booking “CER006-Certification Hub” in the SAP Training Shop
  • An invoice with the payment instructions will be sent to the invoice recipient that you have specified
  • Schedule your exam within the Certification Hub after your subscription gets confirmed
SAP Certified Application Associate C_GRCAC_10  FAQ

For More Details related to exam policies visit: SAP Certified Application Associate C_GRCAC_10  FAQ

Course Outline

In the SAP C_GRCAC_10 syllabus, the major exam objectives include:

1. MSMP workflow configuration > 12%

Maintain paths and stages. Customize MSMP workflow. Maintain rules. Generate versions. Maintain agents. Maintain notification variables and templates.

2. User provisioning configuration > 12%

Configure settings to provision users. Configure provisioning and field mapping. Configure the end-user personalization form. Create and copy requests for user access and organizational assignments. Configure parameters for periodic access review requests. Configure password self-service.

3. Access Risk Management setup > 12%

Configure Access Risk Analysis. Maintain risks and critical access rules.  Define shared master data. Guide customers to recognize and remediate risks. Create mitigating controls and assignments based on customer requirements. Configure and track audit trails.

4. Business Rules Framework setup > 12%

Define workflow-related MSMP rules. Create business rules in the Business Rule Framework (BRF). Create a BRFplus Initiator Rule. Create a BRFplus Agent Rule. Create a BRFplus Routing Rule. 

5. Common GRC settings configuration 8% – 12%

Configure shared Access Control settings. Synchronize objects in the Access Control repository. Schedule and view background jobs. Activate Business Configuration (BC) sets.

6. Role definition and management 8% – 12%

Configure role methodology. Map roles to authorize access to specific application functions. Create business roles to group related roles. Perform Role Mass Maintenance operations. Use role mining to consolidate roles.

7. Emergency Access Management setup 8% – 12%

Configure Emergency Access Management settings. Set up Access Control scheduled jobs. Plan for emergency access. Set up critical firefighting roles and assignments based on customer requirements. Guide customers on how to monitor emergency access.

8. Integration Framework configuration < 8%

Create and maintain connectors. Configure shared GRC settings.

Course Outline

Preparation Guide – SAP Certified Application Associate C_GRCAC_10 Exam

Preparation Guide will provide you a clear path to kick start your certification process. This guide is a step by step pathway of the entire process flow related to this course. It is advisable to take a look at this guide before you finally dive into the course. Explore the SAP C_GRCAC_10 study material using the below methods and have a better preparation.

Preparation Guide – SAP Certified Application Associate C_GRCAC_10 Exam

Learning Resources

SAP provides a set of resources to ease your whole learning process. These resources will provide you in-depth knowledge about the course and also boost your skill.

SAP Learning Hub

SAP gives candidates access to learning hubs to help them in building and maintaining their skills with:

  • self-paced digital learning content that includes e-books.
  • expert-led social learning forums. 
  • access to preconfigured training systems for real-world practice.

Candidates will be given access to a community of learners and self-paced e-learning courses with expert-led live sessions and collaborative social learning rooms. This will in turn enhance your SAP skills as well as it will help you to connect with SAP experts. It also provides access to SAP live that helps candidates to get hands-on system practice.

SAP Training Course

SAP recommends training courses to help candidates prepare for the exam. These SAP C_GRCAC_10 training courses are intended to ensure that the candidates strong understanding of SAP exams, starting from their basics. Training courses by SAP  will increase your ability to practically apply the knowledge you have gained in training. Each domain covered in the exam has its respective training courses that be taken online at the SAP official website.

Instructor led Training

SAP provides Instructor-led training that aims to provide candidates hands-on learning experience with a subject matter expert to guide. Secondly, it provides options to virtual live classroom (VLC) training that has the same comprehensive live training from SAP experts without the need to travel by using seamless over-the-Web connectivity. Then, it has customer-specific training in which the candidates receive the same comprehensive live training from SAP experts but for your company. Currently, this option is only available for SAP S/4HANA. So, you can anytime find other local or any established institute which can provide you a similar training.

SAP Community

The online discussion is done in forums are always beneficial. This is a nice way for the students to discuss their issues and get insights into how their competitors are going for the exams. An offline discussion is restricted to a small number of people, whereas online platforms can reach a wider range. The prospects of getting resolutions to an issue increase steeply when a greater number of people are involved. Also, multiple viewpoints make the stuff more dynamic. These discussions make the studies more comprehensive. Everyone gets a chance to express themselves, who might otherwise prefer staying out of discussions. Forums work really well to build a community that is essential for understanding others.   

Practice Test

Using SAP C_GRCAC_10 questions for practice will help the potential aspirants to sail through the exam with complete ease. The reason being, candidates are already aware of the exam environment. Also, they have a cue regarding questions that will appear in the actual scheduled exams. Enhance and enrich your knowledge with a practice test from testpreptraining.

SAP Certified Application Associate C_GRCAC_10 Exam. Start your preparations now!

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