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Access management as

  • attempts to access a resource by authenticated member is checked by Cloud IAM against IAM policy


  • To whom access is granted
  • grant the user a role for a resource.
  • Resource examples
    • Projects
    • Compute Engine instances
    • Cloud Storage buckets
  • Fine granular access by some services
    • Storage Admin role (roles/storage.admin) can be at bucket level
    • Instance Admin role (roles/compute.instanceAdmin) at instance level.
  • Mostly IAM permissions at project level.
  • permissions are inherited by all resources within that project.


  • determine what operations are allowed on a resource.
  • represented in the form of <service>.<resource>.<verb>, like pubsub.subscriptions.consume.
  • mostly correspond one-to-one with REST API methods.
  • users directly are not granted permissions.
  • Users are given roles with specific permissions


  • is a collection of permissions
  • cannot grant a permission to the user directly.
  • grant users a role and grant permissions to role

3 roles types in Cloud IAM:

  • Primitive roles:
    • historically available in the Google Cloud Console.
    • roles are Owner, Editor, and Viewer.
    • Avoid using them as have a wide range of permissions across GCP services.
  • Predefined roles
    • For finer-grained access control
  • Custom roles:
    • create to tailor permissions as per needs.