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Teradata Vantage Certified Administrator

Teradata Vantage Certified Administrator

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Teradata Vantage Certified Administrator Practice Exam

About Teradata Vantage Certified Administrator Exam

This Teradata Vantage Certified Administrator exam ensures that the candidate posses the core knowledge and skills necessary to manage archives, plan capacity requirements, identify the optimal database and table design. Some of the core tasks include - 

  • Indexing options
  • Use database tools and utilities
  • Manage performance and usage data
  • Produce security auditing reports
  • Monitor and manage database space
  • Administer users
  • Manage system logging options
  • Manage database privileges
  • Identify relevant workload management components

Exam Prerequisites 

Any candidate with a Teradata 14 certification may bypass this exam. Those with a bypassed exam, do not receive the actual certification. Only those taking and passing the certification exam receive that certification.

Course Outline

The Teradata Vantage Certified Administrator exam covers the following topics - 

  • Archive Management – 7%
  • Capacity Planning – 8%
  • Database Design and Indexing – 9%
  • Database Tools and Utilities – 8%
  • Performance Management – 14%
  • Security Management and Auditing – 10%
  • Space Management – 8%
  • User Administration – 11%
  • Database Management – 12%
  • Workload Management – 13%

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Exam Format and Information

Exam Name Teradata Vantage Certified Administrator
Exam Code AZ-500
Exam Duration 2 hours 15 minutes
Exam Format Multiple Choice Questions

Recommendation A minimum of one to three years of

hands-on experience with Advanced SQL Engine and

applications is recommended.

Registration Select exam: TDBL 2:16.10

Administrator/DBA Exam.

Eligibility/Pre-Requisite As suggested"
Exam Fee $249 USD
Exam Language English

Pass Score Uniformly applied passing score is

set during the exam development process 

Teradata Vantage Certified Administrator FAQs

The Vantage Certified Associate is for anyone interested in Teradata and does not require any hands-on experience. Teradata customers, partners, consultants and employees who design, administer, support or write applications using Teradata are candidates for the Teradata Certification.
Teradata requires your review and acceptance of the “Teradata Certification Candidate Agreement” (which conforms to IT industry standards) each time you take a certification exam. The agreement contains non-disclosure obligations, trademark license rights, termination rights, disclaimers of warranties and limitations of liability, and privacy clauses. It is recommended that you download the Teradata Candidate Agreement and review it carefully before your exam appointment.
A personalized certificate, camera ready logo artwork, and Logo Usage Guidelines can be downloaded and printed from the Teradata Certification Tracking System. In addition, you will receive an email from Acclaim to claim your digital badge.
You can contact at e-mail Certification.Teradata@teradata.com
Teradata certified individuals have access to their exam records and certifications in the Teradata Certification Tracking System. Access the Tracking System to create a transcript of exams and certifications for third party verification. Go to the Results & Cert Verification page for additional information.
Ask the certified candidate to provide one of the following: a digital badge, a transcript, their certificate number that can be entered in the Certificate Verification System. Alternatively, you can email the Teradata Certification for credential verification.
Certifications achieved in the V2R3, V2R5, Teradata 12 and Teradata 14 Certification tracks will not expire, like a diploma. However, due to Teradata technology advances and changes, credentials may become outdated and obsolete. At that time, Teradata Certification will no longer support certifications from the track that has become obsolete.
Review the recommended Teradata courses and the recommended experience level shown on the appropriate Teradata Certification web page to help you determine your knowledge of each topic. Review the Exam Objectives for a list of all content areas in which you should be proficient. Teradata Certification also offers free sample questions for each exam to help you further assess your skills.
Refer to the Advanced SQL Engine technical user documentation manuals that are available on-line at Information Products Home Page.
Each of the computer-based exams challenges you to apply specific knowledge acquired through Teradata training, self-study and/or job experience. Vantage exams are multiple-choice exams in which you select one response for each question. Occasionally, other question type like matching questions are offered.
The number of items on an exam is not disclosed for any Teradata Certification exam. This policy helps protect content and enhance the security of the exam. Below is the amount of testing time allowed for each exam:
Teradata Certification does not provide a numerical score result for any Teradata Certification exam. A uniformly applied passing score is set during the exam development process and all scoring is done outside the testing center by a trusted, Teradata third party vendor. If you do not pass an exam, your Notice of Exam Results document will indicate areas where a 50% or better score was not achieved. These are areas for recommended further study and concentration prior to sitting for an exam retake. The Exam Results document is available for download from the Teradata Certification Tracking System.
Vantage Certification Exams: A failed exam may be retaken after a twenty-one-calendar day waiting period. The twenty-one-calendar day waiting period begins from the date of the failed exam attempt. You will be required to schedule a new appointment and pay for the exam. You may attempt an exam a maximum of three times during a six-month period. Re-taking a passed exam to extend a certification’s expiration date is allowed after one year from the previously passed attempt.
You will have to schedule and pay for any exam that you may need to retake.
Bypass options allow Teradata 14 Certification holders, in good standing, to bypass required exams in the Vantage Track. Certifications are not awarded for any bypassed exams. Please note, there will not be any eligibility requirements for new exams being created so bypasses will not be needed for the upcoming exams.


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