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Oracle Database: Advanced PL/SQL (1Z0-148) Practice Exam

Oracle Database: Advanced PL/SQL (1Z0-148)

About Oracle Database: Advanced PL/SQL (1Z0-148)

1Z0-148 exam will help you in becoming an Oracle Database PL/SQL Certified Professional. In this, you will gain a thorough knowledge of PL/SQL language, its architecture, features, interactions with the SQL engine, programming constructs and datatypes. Passing the exam validates your knowledge of subjects such as complex data types, dynamic cursors, external procedures, security features and considerations, and performance-related features such as caching, parallel execution and profiling. 

Knowledge required for the exam

You should have fluency in and a solid understanding of the skills required to fully leverage PL/SQL as part of the foundation of any application built on top of Oracle Database.

Course Structure

The Oracle Database: Advanced PL/SQL (1Z0-148) exam covers the following topics -

1 Designing PL/SQL Code

Identify guidelines for cursor design

Use cursor variables

Use DBMS_SQL functions

Create subtypes based on existing types

2 Working with Collections

Manipulate collections

Distinguish between the different types of collections and their uses

Use nested collections

Use collection of objects

3 Using Advanced Interface Methods

Execute external C programs from PL/SQL

Execute Java programs from PL/SQL

4 Improving Performance with Caching

Identify when to result cache a function

Handle session dependencies in a result cache function

Set up PL/SQL functions to use PL/SQL result caching

Invoker’s Right function result caching 

Explain invalidation of  cache results

Use the DBMS_RESULT_CACHE package

5 Profiling and Tracing PL/SQL Code

Trace PL/SQL program execution

Profile PL/SQL applications

6 Safeguarding Your Code Against SQL Injection Attacks

Explain SQL injection

Reduce attack surfaces


7 Multidisciplinary

Items wherein concepts across multiple objectives will be tested in each item

8 Creating and Managing Collections

Create and manage nested tables

Create and manage varrays

Create and manage associative arrays/PLSQL tables

9 Manipulating Large Objects

Create and maintain LOB data types

Differentiate between internal and external LOBs

Use the DBMS_LOB PL/SQL package

Use of temporary LOBs

Describe and use SecureFile LOB

10 Tuning PL/SQL Performance

Use native and interpreted compilation methods

Optimize PL/SQL code 

Enable intraunit inlining


11 Analyzing PL/SQL Code

Use the supplied packages and dictionary views to find coding information

Determine identifier types and usages with PL/Scope

Use the DBMS_METADATA package for creation DDL that can be used to re-create the objects

Use compile time warnings

Use conditional compilation

12 Implementing Fine-Grained Access Control for VPD

Explain the process of fine-grained access control

Build security policies 

13 Edition-Based Redefinition

Use Edition-Based Redefinition

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name:  Oracle Database: Advanced PL/SQL
  • Exam Code: 1Z0-148
  • Number of Questions: 75
  • Passing Score:  62%
  • Exam Fee $245 USD 
  • Exam Language: English

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