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Microsoft Certification

Microsoft Certifications are the professional certifications that demonstrate the holder's expertise in Microsoft related technologies. They have been divided into six categories named as Cloud, Mobility, Data, Productivity, App Builder and Business applications. Each category aligns with a series of technologies that span the entire Microsoft product portfolio.

The core technologies include Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, SQL Server, Office 365, SharePoint Server, Exchange Server, Skype for Business and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft enables IT Professionals and Developers to validate their technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams. Microsoft Certifications are earned by passing exams aligned to a specific certification.

Microsoft Certification Path

Importance of Microsoft Certification

Microsoft certifications are ubiquitous and are used by individuals both in their personal and professional spheres. The certification validates the skills and expertise of the individuals in using Microsoft tools and functions. Microsoft is not just used by individuals but is also very important for companies as well. Therefore, most of the companies value Microsoft certification and considers certified professionals over the non-credential peers. Here are a few other reasons to choose Microsoft certification -

  • Microsoft credential establishes your base on using MS Office fluently;
  • Microsoft programs make you more able to build great charts
  • Microsoft programs make Ability to collate data together
  • Makes work more flexible and your ability to function MS programs easily makes you a star leader at work.
  • Microsoft certification also opens up better and greater career prospects for you

Market Demand for Microsoft Certification

Today, the Microsoft Learning program is a popular and well-respected source of IT credentials. The company has worked hard to make its certifications challenging and relevant to the IT industry. With the growing demand for Microsoft certifications, the hiring managers rate certifications as having extremely high or high value in validating the skills and expertise of job candidates. Employers regularly use certifications as selection criteria for hiring and promotion and are willing to pay certified professionals more. Not to mention, on average, Microsoft certified technologists earn 15% more than their uncertified peers.