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Google Certification

The Google certification is a professional accreditation offered by Google which enables the individuals to demonstrate their proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Google. Furthermore, the certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in the field of cloud computing. 

Why choose Google Certification?

Google certifications are a great way to demonstrate your skills in the larger market of IT. The certifications test your expertise and show your ability to transform the business with Google technology. The Google certification has tons of benefits that can help you take the edge over your competition. Here are a few other reasons to choose Google certifications-

  • Certification helps you gain confidence with digital learning strategies and Google tools
  • Certification facilitates and inspires learning and creativity
  • Google programs help to collect data and increase feedback loops
  • Google certification helps to engage in professional growth and leadership
  • Certification helps to prove your skills
  • Get the Badge and Join the Google Certified Family

Market Demand for Google Certification

Google Cloud has made its big splash in the past two years with three cloud credentials, namely Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect, Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer and Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer. There has been a strong demand for cloud skills, thereby listing Google in top highest-paying certifications. Not to mention, Google has already filled some of those gaps with their three main credentials, but as more organizations switch to multi-cloud solutions, that number is likely to rise.