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EXIN Foundation Certificate in OpenStack Software Foundation Practice Exam

EXIN Foundation Certificate in OpenStack Software Foundation

EXIN Foundation Certificate in OpenStack Software

The EXIN Foundation Certificate in OpenStack tests a candidate’s knowledge of the primary concepts of OpenStack. It ensures that the candidate has a solid understanding of the design, architecture, and deployment. The exam is Liberty and Newton compliant.

Who is this exam for?

The Foundation Certificate in OpenStack Software is meant for professionals who want to learn more about OpenStack software. It is excellent for architects, technical consultants, solution designers, technical pre-sales, and solution consultants.


Training is strongly recommended. Basic understanding of Linux and Cloud Computing is recommended, as well as some practical experience with OpenStack.

Course Structure 

The domains and their relevant topics of the EXIN Foundation Certificate in OpenStack Software exam are as follows:

1. What is OpenStack 10%

Characteristics of Cloud Computing 3%

Characteristics of OpenStack 3%

OpenStack high-level architecture 4%

2. OpenStack Compute 15%

The role of the Nova service 3%

Nova Operation 7%

Compartmentalizing OpenStack deployments in Nova 3%

Bare metal provisioning with Ironic 2%

3. OpenStack and Storage 30%

Image management using Glance 6%

Block Storage managed using Cinder 9%

Object storage provided using Swift 9%

Database access provided by Trove 3%

Shared file system provided by Manila 3%

4. OpenStack Identity Management 10%

Keystone User Authentication 4%

User Authorization 2%

Service Registration 2%

Key management with Barbican 2%

5. OpenStack Networking 20%

Neutron Networking features 10%

Layer 3 services 5%

Network Security 5%

6. OpenStack Support Services 15%

OpenStack Metering using Ceilometer 4%

OpenStack Orchestration using Heat 4%

Messaging service provided by Zaqar 1%

DNS management with Designate 1%

Data Processing with Sahara 1%

Chargeback and Billing with CloudKitty 1%

Backup as a Service with Freezer 1%

OpenStack Environment Provisioning with Fuel 1%

Container Virtualization with Magnum

Exam Format 

  • Exam Name: EXIN Certificate in OpenStack Software
  • Exam Level: Foundation
  • Number of Questions: 40
  • Exam Format: Multiple-choice
  • Passing score: 65% marks 
  • Time Give: 60 minutes 
  • Requirements: Training is strongly recommended.
  • Available languages: Latin American Spanish, Korean, Chinese, English, Japanese

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