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CIS‑Service Mapping Practice Exam

CIS‑Service Mapping

CIS-Service Mapping

The ServiceNow CIS – Service Mapping exam certifies that a candidate has the skills, experience, and essential knowledge to configure, administer, implement, and maintain the Service Mapping application with the ServiceNow system.

Target Audience 

The ServiceNow CIS– Service Mapping exam is accessible to ServiceNow customers, partners, employees, and others interested in becoming a ServiceNow Implementer or Administrator.

Course Structure

The important domains and their topics that the CIS-Service Mapping Exam covers are: 

1. Service Mapping Pattern Design 30%

Pattern Designer (i.e. Debug, Steps, Temp variables, Command Line Console)

Operations (i.e. Match, Parse variable, Parse file, Parsing strategies)

Scripting (i.e. WMI, SSH, Regex, Command-Line, SNMP)

Application Identification and Connection Sections (Patterns, Identification and Connection Sections, Troubleshooting)

2. Service Mapping Configuration 20%

Setup and Configuration (i.e. Configuration files, Tuning, Applications, IP ranges, MID Servers, Icons)

Service Configuration (i.e. Entry points, CI Types, Credentials, Service Maps, Schedules, Service Groups, Technical Services, Service creation)

Service Mapping Process Flow (i.e. Process flow, Troubleshooting, Discovery Log)

3. Discovery Configuration 15%

Discovery Setup and Config (i.e. Behaviors, Clusters, IP Services, Schedules, MID Servers)

Discovery Process Flow (i.e. PCIE Phases, ECC Queue, Status, Discovered Device)

Discovery Troubleshooting (i.e. Discovery Errors, Authentication Errors, Duplicates, Credentials)

4. Event Management 10%

Event Setup and Configuration (i.e. Event Processing, Event Rules, Event Mapping Rules, Operator Workspace)

Alerts (i.e. Task Templates, Alert Rules, CI Binding)

Event Management Solution (i.e. Business Value, Definition, Positioning, Customer Conversations)

5. Configuration Management Database 15%

CI Class Management (i.e. CMDB Health Dashboard, CI Class Manager, CMDB Tables, Reclassification, CMDB Relationships)

CMDB Identification and Reconciliation (i.e. Identification Rules, Reconciliation Rules, Datasource Precedence Rules, CMDB Deduplication Tasks)

6. Service Mapping Engagement Readiness 10%

Scoping (i.e. Service definition, Shared services, Licensing, Supported Applications)

Planning (i.e. Implementation Skill Sets, MID Server Requirements, Implementation Requirements, Security Requirements)

Operationalizing IT (i.e. Measurable KPI improvements, Service Mapping Benefits, Service Mapping Use Cases)

Exam Format

  • Exam Name: CIS-Service Mapping
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Exam Format: Multiple-choice
  • Exam fee: $150

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