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C2150-634 - IBM Security Guardium Data Protection V10.1.2 Fundamental Administration Practice Exam - RETIRED

C2150-634 - IBM Security Guardium Data Protection V10.1.2 Fundamental Administration

About IBM Security Guardium Data Protection v10.1.2 Fundamental Administration

This entry-level certification is intended for administrators (data security and deployment professionals) who can demonstrate basic support and technical knowledge of IBM Security Guardium Data Protection V10.1.2, including implementation and management.

Prerequisite for the exam

Basic knowledge of:

operating systems and databases

networking and protocols

SQL Fundamentals

Linux, Unix, Windows

Course Outline

1. Product Features

Explain basic capabilities of Data Activity Monitoring (DAM) and File Activity Monitoring (FAM).

Identify the data source types that can be monitored with Guardium.

Explain Vulnerability Assessment and Database Entitlement Report features.

Characterize the differences between sensitive object classification, database discovery, instance discovery, and discovery using File Activity Monitoring.

Describe the use cases and features for data level access control such as blocking, quarantine, redaction, and query rewrite.

Explain extended investigation functions such as Outlier Detection, Investigation and Entitlement Optimization dashboards, Eagle Eye (threat scanning), and Quick Search.

2. Solution Architecture

List the main minimum system requirements for Guardium appliances.

Explain the Guardium appliance deployment options.

Describe the functionalities of a Central Manager, an Aggregator and a Collector (including deployment health topology).

Describe Guardium agents (eg., S-TAP, File Activity Monitoring).

Describe Guardium scalability.

Explain integration of Guardium solution with other products.

3. Installation and Configuration

Identify the pre-requisites for the agent installation.

Identify the pre-requisites for the agentless features (e.g., Vulnerability Assessment, Discovery, etc.).

Install and initially configure the Guardium appliances (e.g., Collector, Aggregator, Central Manager).

Install and configure Guardium agents (e.g., S-TAP, Guardium Installation Manager (GIM) ).

Apply CLI and grdapi configuration commands to setup the Guardium appliance (e.g., Syslog, SMTP, NTP, etc.)

4. Administration

Administer overall health of all Guardium components (using Health Views, GUI reports etc ).

Perform Data Management (e.g., archive, backup, import, export, restore).

Explain Access Management, user creation, privileges management and separation of duties.

Upgrade and patch Guardium components.

Configure High Availability and Failover functionalities.

Configure Guardium load balancing mechanisms.

5. Activity Monitoring and Reporting

Explain policy types and policy actions.

Implement policies and their rules to meet monitoring objectives.

Use groups to control policies and reports.

Describe the different types of reports (i.e., Custom and Built-in).

Perform query definition and create custom reports.

Implement and automate an Audit Process.

Configure Vulnerability Assessments.

6. Troubleshooting

Use diagnostic tools, reports, and dashboards.

Explain Guardium self-monitoring and alert capabilities.

Summarize agent troubleshooting steps.

Monitor appliance workloads.

Adjust the policy to reduce the appliance workload.

Collect Guardium troubleshooting log information for technical support.

Create a Problem Management Report (PMR).

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: IBM Security Guardium Data Protection v10.1.2 Fundamental Administration 
  • Exam Code: C2150-634
  • Length of Time:  90 Minutes
  • Total Questions: 60
  • Pass Score: 40

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