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The Linux DevOps Tools Engineer 701-100 Exam verifies your skills and expertise in the field of DevOps. It enhances and proves your talent to use the tools that enhance collaboration in workflows throughout system administration and software development.

Businesses around the globe are optimizing their daily systems administration and software development tasks majorly through DevOps practices.  This has led to an increase in demand of IT professionals who can effectively apply DevOps to reduce delivery time and improve quality in the development of new software products.

Therefore, the Linux DevOps Tools Engineer 701-100 builds a strong resume for you. This certification will definitely be very appealing to your potential employees.  Moreover Linux 701-100 exam will provide a competitive edge and make you comparatively superior among your colleagues.  

We know that industry certifications from Linux convey that you are a capable and professionally driven person but studying for them is a challenge.  So here we provide you with a preparation guide for this exam. Additionally, you can also refer our site Testprep Training for further assistance with your preparations.

What is LPI 701-100 Exam?

LPI DevOps Tools Engineer 701-100 Exam is a professional certification for DevOps professionals. This exam certifies your knowledge of DevOps-related topics like container and machine deployment, configuration management and monitoring and technical skills in using open source tools like Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, Puppet, Git, and Jenkins. The certificate attests your knowledge in implementing and managing DevOps related tasks.

Therefore, the certification exam focuses on the practical skills required to work successfully in a DevOps environment by focusing on the skills needed to use the most prominent DevOps tools

Why choose Linux 701-100 Exam?

Linux DevOps Tools Engineer 701-100 credential pushes your career forward. It opens a plethora of opportunities and helps you soar higher in your professional field.

DevOps Tools Engineer Certification holders validate that they have a working understanding of:

  • Firstly, Modern software applications and cloud services
  • And, how tools support DevOps collaboration

The demand for IT professionals with Linux skills is strong, according to a 2018 Linux Foundation report.

Linux 701-100 exam

This exam results in a certification that verifies your expertise between development and operations, making it relevant for all IT professionals working in the field of DevOps.

Skills Developed in Linux 701-100 Exam

The Linux DevOps Tools Engineer 701-100 Exam is one of the most sought after Linux certifications. This Credential is definitely worth the attempt as you can apply your knowledge to

  • Firstly, setting up continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines
  • Secondly, building, deploy and orchestrate application containers
  • Thirdly, automating system configuration
  • Subsequently, building system images and run them locally and in the cloud
  • Then, monitoring applications and computing instances
  • Moreover, managing, collecting and analysing log data
  • Lastly, using source code management and version control

Skills in learnt DevOps Tools Engineer enhance you for many job roles such as Developers, Engineers and System Administrators.

Target Audience

This exam is especially for DevOps engineers, DevOps managers, software test managers and engineers and software developers. The certification is apt for IT and Non-IT professionals engaged in software development, software testing and DevOps related tasks.

The LPI 701-100 exam is therefore a golden star in your academic records. Before you get too excited for this exam we shall discuss the basic details.

Exam details

Exam Name Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer
Exam Code 701-100
VendorLPI- Linux Professional Institute
Exam Duration 90 min
Exam Format Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions
Exam Type DevOps
Number of Questions 60 Questions
Eligibility/Pre-Requisite NIL
Exam Fee Country Specific pricing for each country. Check at link- https//
Exam Language English, Japanese


Linux Professional Institute has not recommended any prerequisites for the 701-100 exam.

But it is still preferred that you must have conceptual knowledge of Software Engineering and Architecture. Additionally you must possess the technical skills to implement and maintain DevOps environment by various tools like Puppet, Git, Docker and Jenkins

Course Outline

The LPI 701-100 exam covers the following modules and subtopics in the exam.

Software Engineering– Total Weight: 18
  • Firstly, Modern Software Development
  • Secondly, Standard Components and Platforms for Software 
  • Subsequently, Source Code Management
  • Lastly, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
Container Management– Total Weight: 16
  • To begin with, Container Usage
  • Then, Container Deployment and Orchestration
  • Also, Container Infrastructure
Machine Deployment– Total Weight: 8
  • Firstly, Virtual Machine Deployment 
  • Then, Cloud Deployment 
  • Additionally, System Image Creation
Configuration Management- Total Weight: 10
  • To begin with, Ansible
  • Also, Other Configuration Management Tools
 Service Operations- Total Weight: 8
  • Firstly, IT Operations and Monitoring
  • Subsequently, Log Management and Analysis

All the modules and subtopics of the 701-100 exam act as a blueprint for your exam. You need to pay attention to each minute detail of the course outline

Preparatory Guide

Passing the Linux 701-100 exam isn’t a piece of cake. You need commitment and determination in your preparations. The following preparatory guide will help you better prepare for this exam.

Refer the Official guide

You must refer to the official guide for this exam before commencing your preparations. Familiarising yourself with all the objectives and course domains of the exam is an important step before moving forward with your preparations. Devote enough time to each topic and have in-depth knowledge of the subject by tailoring your study focus around the course domains. Therefore, reviewing LPI 701-100 study guide is the first and the foremost task.

Make A Strategy

The next thing you have to do is to make a unique strategy. You need to give yourself enough each day for the preparations. The best strategy is to have consistency in your study and start early.

Take a look at Study Resources

There are plenty of online and offline study resources available for the preparation Linux 701-100 exam. You should definitely refer all these study resources and choose the one that best suits you.

Prepare from Books

Books have always been the traditional and the most golden way to prepare for an exam. They guarantee in-depth clarity of the complicated topics and are always preferred. There are various books available for this certification exam.  Refer to the LPI 701-100 book for improved results.

Training Course

Linux 701-100 exam is a practical oriented exam. Therefore training is essential to answer questions with accuracy within the time limit of 90 minutes. Hence refer to the various training courses available for your preparations.

Practice tests

LPI 701-100 practice exam tests help you evaluate your preparations and assess your weaker areas.  They provide a real-time exam environment to check your accuracy and speed. Attempt multiple practice tests, and try achieving more with each subsequent test.

 If you are worried about the 701-100 exam questions and you wish to pass your LPI 701-100 exam on the first attempt, Go for our practice test at Testprep training. These tests are specially curated by our experts and will provide you the authentic exam questions. Try our free Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer practice exam test now.

Join a Community

Online forums and study groups play a critical role in preparing for an exam. They help you learn from the experts. Also such online study groups are fruitful as they connect you with other candidates appearing for the same. They provide valuable insights in the certification and also bring clarity to your doubts.

Follow our specially curated preparatory guide, and your success is guaranteed. You will surely clear this exam in the very first attempt and attain the Linux credential.

Tips for the exam preparations

Here we provide you with some tips to smoothen your preparations:

  • Firstly, Keep this in mind that preparation of LPI 701-100 is little confusing and tricky.
  • Then, you need regular studies and consistency.
  • Also, try to manage some extra time, in order to clear the concepts.
  • Further, refer 701-100 preparation material and mock tests for acing up your preparations.

To Summarise

Always remember that all incredible things need time. Therefore preparing for a certification is not easy. Neither is it quick. But it is worth the hard work and determination. Linux certifications prove your professional commitment towards your career and thus are very appealing to your employers.  These certifications open a path for lucrative career options with high paying salaries.

Linux DevOps Tools Engineer 701-100 Exam.
Your dream career is only a few tests away. Prepare for Linux DevOps Tools Engineer 701-100 Exam Now!