How to prepare for Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditor (CFSQA) Certification?

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 Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditors (CFSQA) inspect food processing plants, commercial slaughterhouses and other food manufacturing businesses to ensure safety and sanitation regulations.

This certification is provided by ASQ is considered a mark of quality excellence in many industries. The exam validates your skills and expertise in the field of food safety and quality. This helps you advance your career and open new realms of possibilities in your field.

What is CFSQA?

The Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditor (CFSQA) is a professional who understands the standards and principles of auditing a Food Safety and HACCP-based system.  A CFSQA uses various tools and techniques to examine, evaluate, question and report on that system’s adequacy and deficiencies.

This profession requires you to analyse all elements of the system and reports on how well it adheres to the criteria for management and control of process safety.

Why choose CFSQA- Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditor ?

Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditor is certified by ASQ, which in itself is considered a mark of excellence in terms of quality. This certification will surely help you in

  • Firstly, by advancing your career options
  • Then, it provides boost to your organisation’s bottom line through your mastery of quality skills.
  • Moreover, Becoming a Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditor CFSQA confirms your commitment to quality and the positive impact in your career.

Before you get too excited for the exam, we provide you with the basic details about the exam.

CFSQA- Exam Details

Exam NameCertified Food Safety and Quality Auditor
Offered ByASQ- American Society for Quality Control
No. of Questions135 questions
Total Duration4 hours 18 minutes

Prerequisites for the Exam

 If you wish to become a certified food safety auditor, it is essential for you to have bachelor’s degrees in food science or a related field.

Strong communication, analytic, and decision-making skills, along with the ability to work with databases and scientific software is also demanded from an applicant to this exam.

The prerequisites in terms of work and education for the CFSQA exam are as follows-:

Work Experience

The prerequisite for CFSQA exam is that you must have five years of job experience in one or more of the areas of certified food safety and quality auditor. Additionally, you must be in a decision making role for at least one year.


The educational prerequisites for this exam includes a completed degree from any college, university or technical school which is accepted by ASQ and will have part of five year experience requirement waived of. The waive of would be as follows-

  • To begin with, Associate degree — one year waived
  • Then, Bachelor’s degree — three years waived
  • Also, Master’s or doctorate — four years waived

Mode of CFSQA exam

The exam can be taken up in the following two modes-

Computer Delivered

In the computer delivered mode you will have to answer 135 multiple choice questions in 4 and a half hour.

Pen and Paper

Under the pen and paper mode, you need to take the test at a registered centre with the same 135 multiple choice questions in 4 and a half hour.

Steps to become a Food Safety and Security Auditor (CFSQA)

STEP 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Earning a bachelor’s degree helps maximize your job prospects as an auditor. Many universities offer degree programs in food science, which prepare students for careers in food safety.

STEP 2: Go for an Entry Level Job

After the completion of your bachelor’s degree, you should look for jobs in the food safety industry. If you can’t find a job as a safety auditor right away, don’t worry you can seek work in food manufacturing, since this experience leads to work as a safety auditor.

Make sure you learn the industry standards and understand them. You may be given on site training and that comes really handy while preparing for this exam.

Step 3: Earn the Certification

Now as you have the required prerequisites for appearing for this credential. Apply for the exam and kick start your preparations for your dream career.

We now provide the course outline for the exam. Remember to go through each topic very carefully.

Course Outline for CFSQA Exam

The CFSQA consists of 7 main modules that covers the basic syllabus of all questions asked in the exam.

Food Safety and HACCP System  27 questions
Food Safety and HACCP Management  9 questions
HACCP Principles22 questions
Implementation and Maintenance of Food Safety and HACCP System  21 questions
Auditing Fundamentals23 questions
Auditing Process and Auditor Competencies23 questions
Quality Tools and Techniques  10 questions

I. Food Safety and HACCP System

  •  Firstly, HACCP terminology
  • Secondly, Quality Tools and Techniques
  • Subsequently, Prerequisite programme
  • Lastly, Preventive controls

II.Food Safety and HACCP Management

  • Firstly, Preliminary task
  • Also, System scope
  • Lastly, Management responsibility

III. HACCP Principles

  • To begin with, Principle 1 – Hazard Analysis
  • Then, Principle 2 – Critical Control Points (CCPs)
  • Next, Principle 3 – Critical Limits
  • Also, Principle 4 – Monitoring
  • Subsequently, Principle 5 – Corrective Action
  • Additionally, Principle 6 – Verification
  • Moreover, Principle 7 – Recordkeeping and Documentation

IV.Implementation and Maintenance of Food Safety and HACCP System

  • Firstly, Implementation and Assessment
  • Then, Validation and Reassessment
  • Thirdly, Verification and Maintenance

V.Auditing Fundamentals

  • Firstly, Basic Terms and Concepts
  • Secondly, Purpose of audits
  • Subsequently, Types of Audits
  • Moreover, Audit criteria
  • Further, Audit Participants
  • Also, Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues

VI. Auditing Process and Auditor Competencies

  • To begin with, Audit Preparation and Planning
  • Additionally, Audit Performance
  • Then, Audit Reporting
  • Moreover, Audit Follow-up and Closure
  • Subsequently, Auditor Competencies
  • Also, International  Regulations and Inspections
  • Lastly, Auditing Schemes

VII.Quality Tools and Techniques

  • Firstly, Basic Quality Tools
  • Also, Descriptive Statistics
  • Additionally, Sampling methods
  • Then, Statistical Process Control
  • Moreover, Process Capability
  • Lastly, Qualitative / Quantitative Analysis and Attribute

All these subtopics are really important from exam point of view. They indicate the complexity level of each course domain.  These modules act as a blueprint for the exam.

We know that all these modules and challenging and hence we present you with the preparation guide to help you ace the exam.

Preparatory Guide

The preparation for any exam is no less than a challenge. A challenge to win, and achieve your dream.  The Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditor (CFSQA) exam is a hard nut but with determination and consistency you can definitely crack it. Therefore, we provide you with an ultimate preparatory guide curated by our experts.

Understand the Course

So the first step in this guide would begin with reviewing the course content and the module topics to have a clear view of the exam. You should definitely visit the exam guide to get a clear view of all the concepts of the exam.

Use study Resources

There are plenty of study resources available for the Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditor (CFSQA) exam. Books are considered one of the most trusted resource for any preparations. Moreover there are various books available for this exam, namely

Food safety management systems — Requirements for any organization in the food chainThe Certified HACCP Auditor Handbook, Third Edition

The Certified HACCP Auditor Handbook, Third Edition

Strategize a time schedule

Time is most significant in the preparations. Try to begin early and devise a plan. Start by strengthening your weaker areas and dedicate enough amount of time for your preparations daily to maintain consistency.

Take up Training Courses

There are ample no. of courses and programmes designed to help you master the Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditor (CFSQA) exam.  A good training course will surely provide structure to the learning material and tips to excel in the exam. Choose the training course that best suits you.

ASQ offers various training courses for this exam like- Certified HACCP Auditor (CHA) Certification Preparation

Auditing (CQA) Fundamentals I

Attempt Practice Tests

Practice makes a man perfect and hence mock tests are a must for all preparations. They act as a check on your preparations and also help you identify your weaker areas.  They provide a real exam environment. Therefore try attempting as many practice tests as you can, and pass with flying colours.

Our experts at Testprep Training have designed special practice tests for the exam to provide you with the genuine exam questions. You can access the practice tests form – testprep training free practice .

Join a Community

A study group or community can be a critical part of your preparation plan. You get to learn from the experience of others. Also you get to join other candidates appearing for the same exam. Additionally, it helps you clear your doubts and strengthen your weaker areas.

Re certification

To maintain the integrity of your Food Safety and Quality Auditor certification, ASQ requires you to recertify your credential every three years.

On a concluding note

Obtaining a professional certification surely brings career advancements for you.  You can open many gates of opportunities after having this exam in your academic record. Offered by ASQ this exam is surely a benchmark for your career.

Follow our preparatory guide with consistency and you surely will have this certification under your hat very soon.

 Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditor Exam CFSQA
Your dream career is just a few tests away. So prepare well and become Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditor (CFSQA).