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In this competitive era, it has become very important for one to keep her updated into the field she is working for. There are many ways in which one can keep herself updated such as continuing education through diplomas and degrees, taking up different projects, constantly reading about that field and so on. One of the most sought after way is earning certifications and badges. The certifications like Google Associate Cloud Engineer (GCP) can be really beneficial for the career as the give you an edge over others those in the same field and without any measure of keeping them updated.

Before, you choose a certification it is very important to make yourself aware of the exam format and other details of the exam. Without having a proper knowledge of the exam format and other details such as syllabus details it becomes difficult to prepare and give your mind a proper layout of how you should proceed. Let us look onto the details of this exam’s format with the help of this blog and also, at the end, we’ll let you know some of the resources which you can use for preparation. Let us dig deeper!

About Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 

An Associate Cloud Engineer deploys applications, monitors operations, and manages enterprise solutions. This individual is able to use Google Cloud Console and the command-line interface to perform common platform-based tasks to maintain one or more deployed solutions that leverage Google-managed or self-managed services on Google Cloud.

Exam Assessment

The Associate Cloud Engineer exam assesses your ability to – 

  • Set up a cloud solution environment
  • Plan and configure a cloud solution
  • Deploy and implement a cloud solution
  • Ensure successful operation of a cloud solution
  • Configure access and security

Who should take this exam?

This exam is designed to test technical skills related to the job role. Hands-on experience is the best preparation for the exam. If you feel you may need more experience or practice, use the hands-on labs available on Qwiklabs as well as the GCP free tier to level up your knowledge and skills. 

Exam Format

The exam format is described in the points below, followed by a table in the summarized form –

  • The name of the exam is Google  Associate Cloud Engineer and the code for this exam is GCE. This exam consists of 50 number of questions that can be of type like a case study, short answers, multiple-choice, mark review, drag, and drop, etc.
  • The exam has a time limit of 2 hours, so, attempting 50 questions in 2 hours is easily possible if you manage your time efficiently. Try attempting the questions that you know really well at first and then move towards the one that you feel that you are doubtful about.
  • The candidates can take the exam either in English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Indonesian language. And, this exam will cost $125 USD exclusive of additional taxes.
  • Furthermore, Google expects you to have experience of 6 months+ hands-on experience with GCP. This will also help you to develop concepts in a transparent manner and attempt the theory portion with ease.
  • Lastly, In order to pass the exam you need to obtain at least 70% of marks. Which can be obtained easily if you have right set of information and study resources with you!
1. Exam Name Google  Associate Cloud Engineer2. Exam Code GCE
3. Exam Duration 2 hours4. Exam Format Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions
5. Exam Type Proctored Exam6. Number of Questions 50 Questions
7. Eligibility/Pre-Requisite None8. Exam Fee $125 USD*
9. Exam Language English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Indonesian10. Recommended Experience 6 months+ hands-on experience with GCP

Let us now look at some of the exam policies that you need to know before sitting for the exam.

Scheduling policy

You can schedule the exam in any of the available ways in which you are comfortable. There are two ways specified by google-

  • If you wish to take through online way: create your account on Webassessor and register for the exam.
  • If you wish to take through onsite proctored way: you can select the exam and then the testing center near you or according to your convenience.  

Retake policy

Unless stated otherwise, if you fail the Exam, you may retake the Exam, but you must wait at least fourteen (14) days before doing so. If you fail the Exam a second time, you may retake the Exam, but must wait at least sixty (60) days before doing so. If you fail the Exam a third time, you may retake the Exam, but you must wait at least one (1) year before doing so.

Recertification Policy

Candidates must recertify in order to maintain their certification status. All the description is clearly stated in the detailed description of the exam, all Google Cloud certifications are valid for two years from the date certified. You may attempt recertification starting 60 days prior to your certification expiration date.

 Any attempt to recertify or attempt the same exam while currently certified before this time period will result in a rejected attempt, forfeiture of any exam fees paid, possible revocation of your current certification as well as any other Google Cloud certifications, and possible suspension from the Google Certification Program.

Now that we know about the important policies of the exam. Let us look at the course outline so that we know about the syllabus in detail.

Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Course Outline

The topics, broadly, this exam will cover are as follows –

  1. Setting up a cloud solution environment
  2. Planning and configuring a cloud solution
  3. Deploying and implementing a cloud solution
  4. Ensuring successful operation of a cloud solution
  5. Configuring access and security
Google Associate Cloud Engineer (GCP)  online tutorials

To have in depth knowledge about the course outline, you can visit the Online Tutorials on Google Associate Cloud Engineer (GCP) by!

Preparation Resources for Google Associate Cloud Engineer (GCP)

With the right set of resources and right strategy you can easily pass the exam. There are numerous resources that you can choose for preparation. But you should be very careful while picking the resources as these resources will determine how well will you pass the exam.

study guide

Due to the growing competition in this sector and its allied exam, cracking the certifications is a difficult task. Some resources that you can use official online training by Google, Instructor-Led training by google, Documentations, online communities and study groups and so on. You can also refer to practice tests and sample papers for the exam which are very necessary to practice in order to pass with flying colours. You can try a free practice test. Some official resources are listed below too for the ease of reference –

Complete the recommended curriculum:

Broaden your knowledge with additional self-paced labs and quests:

Expert Corner

Our experts have to say that consistent practice and determination can help you easily pass the exam. You need to have right set of resources to absorb the best of knowledge that is required to pass this exam. Henceforth, A combination of hard work, consistency and right resources will led you towards success. Hurry up and Start preparing!

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