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AWS Certified Developer Associate

The AWS Certified Developer Associate certification is designed for IT professionals interested in developing solutions that make use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) product capabilities, and technical integrators who implement AWS Cloud technology-based solutions.

This certification is one of Amazon Web Services’ most sought-after credentials. Moreover, this certification enhances your earning potential. The AWS Certified Developer Associate Salary is somewhere around Rs. 7,25,000 per annum. The Developer Associate exam assesses your knowledge and skills required to build secure and robust applications on the AWS Cloud. However, earning this certification requires a lot of hard work and determination.

Exam Overview: AWS Certified Developer Associate

The AWS Certified Developer Associate exam is part of the AWS Certification Path program, which leads to AWS Specialist and AWS Architect certifications. To earn your certification, you must pass both a multiple-choice exam and a hands-on lab. As part of your preparation for the exam, this course will help you learn the foundational knowledge that you will need to know to master the exam objectives.

This credential is a verification of your ability to architect, develop, and deploy secure applications on the AWS Cloud. Credential holders can write highly available, fault-tolerant, scalable, and cost-effective applications using services such as Amazon EC2, CloudFormation, and Amazon RDS.

AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Format

The exam format will help you plan a strategy to prepare and attempt the test in the most effective way. This exam format acts as AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Blueprint.

  • Firstly, the maximum allowed time for the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam is 130 minutes.
  • Secondly, the exam consists of 65 questions in total.
  • Further, the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Questions are based on multiple-choice/multiple-select questions. Thus, you will have a few options for each question and you can use the method of elimination to reach the correct option(s).
  • Also, there are no negative marks for wrong answers. So, you can try out the guesswork wherever needed.
  • Furthermore, you have to score at least 720/1000 marks to pass the exam and get certified.
  • Lastly, the exam fee for Salesforce CPQ Specialist Exam is $150. You will have to pay the taxes as per your local laws.
Exam NameAWS Certified Developer Associate
VendorAmazon Web Services
Number of questions65
Time allotted to complete the exam130 minutes
Passing score720/1000
Registration fee$150 + Taxes

Online Course: AWS Certified Developer Associate

To help you with your studies, you’ll need a course that covers all the topics of this exam in detail. For this, the most convenient choice is an online course. Online courses have become the first choice of many students of late. So, let us dig into the details of this course and how can this prove out to be a helpful asset in the preparations. 

AWS Certified Developer Associate Online Course has been developed to provide you with the required knowledge to not only pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam but also gain the hands-on learning experience to become a qualified AWS Developer working in real-world AWS work environments.  The online AWS Developer Associate course validates your proficiency to develop, deploy, and debug cloud-based applications using AWS and basic AWS architecture best practices. This Online skill path covers all the course objectives needed to develop applications with Amazon Web Services.


Online Course Key Features

Following are the features of this Online Course

  • Firstly, you will get 104 videos that have a total watch time of 7+ hours. These will cover all the topics of this exam.
  • Secondly, Scenarios based Lab-Exercises
  • Thirdly, the Latest Updated content
  • Moreover, the course available online
  • Also, you will have the access to this for a lifetime.

Why take the AWS Certified Developer Associate Online Course?

The AWS CDA exam can be a hard nut to crack. Thus, you should always go for a reliable resource that can provide proper guidance. This online course has been designed by the experts of this field and you get a very comprehensive way to acquire the knowledge. Here are a few points that will help you in understanding the advantages of this online course –

  • Firstly, with the 100+ video lectures, your entire course gets covered. And the updated content will certainly help you in acquiring the skills.
  • Secondly, the videos with a watch time duration of 7+ hours will provide practical demonstrations that will help you in getting familiar with the real-world work environments. 
  • Further, you get the liberty to choose the time you wish to learn.
  • Further, this online course has lifetime validity and limitless access. All the new changes in the exam pattern are updated regularly. Therefore, the content always stays as per the latest exam objectives and pattern.
  • Moreover, you get the flexibility of preparing for the test from your home. No stresses over traveling and schedule.

Online Course Curriculum for AWS Certified Developer Associate

Understanding the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Syllabus is of utmost importance for the preparation. You will learn the following topics through this online course –

Overview of the AWS Platform and Certification (10)  

  • Firstly, The Course Overview 
  • Secondly, AWS Certification Roadmap 
  • Thirdly, Setting Up and Securing Your Root Account 
  • Then, Creating Your First User Account 
  • Further, Setting Up Your Environment 
  • Also, Setting the Development Workstation 
  • Additionally, Install and Test AWS CLI on EC2 and Use a Role 
  • Then, Install BOTO3 and Build a Simple Example 
  • Furthermore, The AWS Global Infrastructure 
  • Lastly, Creating a Billing Alarm 

Application Outline (3)  

  • AWS Well-Architected Framework 
  • Case Study Introduction 
  • Initial MVP Topology 

 Security (11)  

  • Firstly, AWS Global Infrastructure Security 
  • Secondly, Exploring AWS Shared Security Model 
  • Thirdly, Identity and Access Management (IAM) Security 
  • Then, Identity Federation and Use Cases with Amazon STS 
  • Further, Understanding IAM Policies and IAM Roles 
  • Also, Using Multi-Factor Authentication and Roles
  • Monitoring and Enhancing Security Service Specific Security 
  • Then, Cloud Security Modules 
  • Furthermore, IT Audits and Penetration Testing 
  • Lastly, Security Controls Setup 

 Basic Landing Zone Design (13)  

  • Building a Custom VPC 
  • Connectivity for Your VPC 
  • Amazon Direct Connect 
  • Route53 
  • Amazon EC2 – Design, Deployment, and Maintenance 
  • Block Storage on AWS 
  • Object Storage on AWS 
  • Amazon RDS – Setup, Design, and Implementation 
  • Non-Relational Databases and DynamoDB 
  • Elastic Load Balancing Configurations 
  • Provisioning a Multi-Tier Infrastructure Using CloudFormation 
  • AWS Landing Zone Tools 
  • VPC Design for 

Introduction to CI/CD (11)  

  • Introduction to CI/CD 
  • Source Control with CodeCommit 
  • Building and Testing Code with CodeBuild 
  • AppSpec Introduction 
  • Deploying code with CodeDeploy 
  • Pipelines with CodePipeline 
  • SDK/IDE Integration 
  • Setup a Code Pipeline 
  • CodeBuild 
  • CodeDeploy 
  • CodePipeline 

Building Our First Web Application (6)  

  • Advanced S3 Configuration 
  • Creating an MVP with S3 (Static Website) 
  • DynamoDB Integration 
  • Creating a Dynamic Service with DynamoDB 
  • Creating an Index in DynamoDB 
  • Increasing Performance with DAX 

Serverless 101 (4)  

  • Introduction to Serverless Computing 
  • Introduction to Elastic Beanstalk 
  • Deploying the Application in Elastic Beanstalk 
  • Modifying the Application in Elastic Beanstalk 

Authentication and Authorization (4)  

  • Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting 
  • Application Authentication Options in AWS 
  • Adding Cognito to Our Application 
  • Advanced Application AAA 

 Caching and Session Management (4)  

  • Caching Level 1 
  • Redis Introduction 
  • Memcached Introduction 
  • Adding Cache to 

Understanding Containers (6)  

  • Introduction to Containers 
  • Docker 101 
  • Docker Build and Run Commands 
  • Container Deployment Options in AWS 
  • Kubernetes on AWS 
  • Containerizing Our Application 

Cloud-Native Application Development (8)  

  • Introduction to Microservices Based Applications 
  • Serverless and AWS Lambda 
  • Decoupling Applications Components Using SQS 
  • Notifications with AWS SNS 
  • Streaming Data with AWS Kinesis 
  • Bringing It All Together with AWS Step and API Gateway 
  • Troubleshooting with X-RAY 
  • Using Lambda and API Gateway in 

Managing Secrets and Keys (5)

  • AWS Security Model Review and Best Practice 
  • Introduction to Encryption Techniques 
  • KMS Secrets Management 
  • Systems Manager Secret Management 
  • Using Systems Manager in 

Monitoring and Metrics (4)  

  • Amazon CloudWatch – Review 
  • Monitoring EC2 
  • Using Elasticsearch 
  • Using CloudWatch Metrics and Logs in 

Exam Summary (6)  

  • Deployment Summary 
  • Security Summary 
  • Development with AWS Summary 
  • Refactoring Summary 
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Summary 
  • Taking the Exam 

Whitepaper Review (9)  

  • Firstly, AWS Security Best Practices 
  • Secondly, AWS Well-Architected Framework 
  • Thirdly, Architecting for the Cloud AWS Best Practices 
  • Further, Practicing CI and CD on AWS Accelerating Software Delivery with DevOps 
  • Additionally, Implementing Microservices on AWS 
  • Also, Serverless Architectures with AWS Lambda 
  • Then, Optimizing Enterprise Economics with Serverless Architectures 
  • Furthermore, Running Containerized Microservices on AWS 
  • Lastly, Blue/Green Deployments on AWS 

Additional Learning Resources for AWS Certified Developer Associate

To supplement your preparations, you should take the help of some of these resources. This will provide you an all-around setup of assets that you can use to build your knowledge and ability.

AWS Certified Developer Associate Training

Other than our online course, if you wish to take a classroom program, you can opt for the developer trainings by AWS itself. These will be equally helpful in building technical skills. Following are the recommended trainings for this certification –

AWS Whitepapers

Whitepapers can help you in broadening your technical comprehension. These are written by the AWS team and a few independent analysts. You can read some of the following AWS Certified Developer Associate White Papers –

Take Practice Tests

With the combination of all the above-mentioned resources, you are all set to go for the exam. However, before you attempt the exam, it is important to get yourself familiar with it. For this, you must take AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Exams. These tests are developed by experts after analyzing the actual exam. Therefore, you can get experience and gain confidence by attempting multiple practice tests. The more you practice, the more you’ll know about your strengths and weaknesses. Also, you will be able to manage the time efficiently. So, you can start practicing now with free practice test!