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BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection Practice Exam

BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection

BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection

The BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection is intended for those with some data protection obligations in an organization or who, for other purposes, wish to achieve and display a broad understanding of the law, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and their practical application. 

Who is this exam for?

  • Anyone who has some actual responsibility for data protection inside their organization.
  • It’s also helpful for those who want to increase their basic understanding in this field and fully understand the practical relationships of data protection laws.
  • Whilst this certificate is written to the UK Data Protection Act, many additional jurisdictions have passed broadly similar data protection laws, so international candidates may also find this useful.


  • It's perfect if the candidate holds the BCS Foundation Certificate in Data Protection, though this is not necessary.
  • We strongly suggested that candidates attend an accredited training course and are fully accustomed to GDPR and the syllabus and any recommended reading outlined in the syllabus.

Course Structure

The domains and their relevant topics of the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection exam are as follows:

1. Context 5%


History of data protection legislation in the UK

Territorial scope and jurisdiction of the GDPR

General principles for transfers of personal data to third countries

2. GDPR and Data Protection Act definitions and terminology 3.75%

Interpret the major definitions in the GDPR and the Data Protection Act

Identify what information and processing activities are subject to the GDPR

3. Structure of the UK Data Protection Act 2018 in relation to the GDPR 1.25%

The high-level structure of the Data Protection Act 2018

Identify where the GDPR is adopted within that structure and demonstrate the importance

4. The role of the ICO as the UK Supervisory Authority 1,25%

The role and general powers and obligations of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as the UK Supervisory Authority, including co-operation between Supervisory Authorities, the role of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB).

5. Enforcement 1.25%

Supervisory functions and powers

6. Registration and record-keeping obligations 1.25%

Commissioner for inclusion in the Register of Data Controllers

7. The data protection principles 10%

Demonstrate how the six GDPR principles set out in Article 5(1) regulate the processing of personal data and how they are enforced.

Describe the data controller and data processor accountability established in Article 5(2).

Explain how each principle applies to the processing of personal data, and demonstrate an understanding of the need to interpret and apply the principles in practice. 

8. The lawfulness of processing – how to comply with 10%

Apply the lawful conditions 

9. Individual rights 7.5%

Demonstrate how rights and freedoms of data subjects conferred by the Data Protection Act 2018 can be applied and enforced.

10. Restriction on data subject rights 7.5%

Data subject rights

11. Offenses 1.25%

The range of offenses under UK data protection legislation 

Demonstrate what constitutes an offense

12. Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations (PECR) 2003  2.50%

Current PECR and the broad scope of the GDPR

13. Other associated legislation 2.50%

Identify UK legislation relevant to the implementation of the GDPR.

UK data protection legislation and the FOIA/FOISA

14. Application of data protection legislation 45%

Data controller and data processor obligations

Security of processing

Data protection officer

Addressing scenarios in specific sectors

Data processing topics

Exam Format

  • Exam Name: BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection
  • Number of Questions: 120
  • Exam Format: Multiple-choice and written questions/answers 
  • Passing score: 65% marks
  • Time Give: 120 minutes
  • Exam Fee: £222 (£185 + VAT)

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